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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Random...Thoughts...Tuesday Wednesday?

It's so random it's not even on Tuesday! Haha! Top that other randomers!


*I lost a whole day to travel.

*Sitting in front of the bathrooms on a plane sucks is not the most fun place to be for 9.5 hours.

*Man, I envy people who can sleep on planes.

*Seize opportunity by the beard, for it is bald behind.-Bulgarian Proverb

*Why do people feel the need to stand right up against the baggage claim conveyor belt? It makes it difficult to see and it's not like the bag is going to go anywhere but around and around on the carousel.

*There is no food in the house. That means I have to go to the commissary. Blech. Oh, and Aldi! I love Aldi.

*I read somewhere that when you throw dice (meaning 2) the opposite side (facing down) always adds up to 7. Think that's true? I may have to experiment.

*Is it really July?

*Walk Disney was afraid of mice. How's that for irony?

*I could fall asleep right this second, but I'm trying to stay awake to beat the jet lag. So not going to happen, but I'm soldiering on.

*I think the heat is following me. It was ridiculously hot in AL, FL, DC, and then there was a heat wave in Chicago while I was there. Now that I'm back in Germany, it's the hottest day of the year so far. WTF?

*Indy is so happy to be home he can barely sit still. He's already visited a bunch of his friends. They all missed each other so much.

*I had to clean the bathroom when I got home. Why can't men keep a clean bathroom?

*I can't...think...straight...anymore............


Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

We have an Aldi just down the street, but I've never been there. Is it mostly groceries??

Brittany said...

Hope you recover from your jet lag!!

BeautifulWreck said...

Rest up!

I can hardly believe it is July. Summer is passing by so quickly.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

There's an Aldi's right around the corner from me. I love that place! They always have good food for cheap. Glad you made it back!

Keely said...

It drives me mental that people stand so close to the baggage carousel. I mean, *I* could be standing there.

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