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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Crickets and a small case of the crazies

Yesterday M, Indy and I were in the car going to deal with getting our driver's licenses renewed. Here's a conversation we had.

Me: You know what I realized yesterday?
M: There's no telling.
Me: I haven't taken my happy pills in like a month.
M: Ahhhhhhh.
Me: What does that mean?
M: I suspected...but I was...afraid to say anything.
Me: What? Why?
M: What, what?
Me: Why did you suspect I haven't been taking them?
Me: Tell me!
M: Well,'ve been a
Me: A little what? A little what?
M: Um...high strung lately?
Me: What? What do you mean "high strung?"
Indy: Crazy, Mom. He thinks you've been acting crazy.
M: You are not helping, buddy. Zip it.
Indy (quietly): Well you thought it, not me.
Me: You've think I've been acting crazy?
M: Noooooooo {turns and gives Indy the evil eye} I don't think you're crazy, I can just tell that you're a bit...more stressed out than usual.
Indy (very quietly): Craaaaazzzzyyyyyy.
M: I do not!
Me: Do you?
M: No! No, I don't. Gah! You two are making ME crazy.

Today I was cleaning the kitchen (stupid house, I'm still mad at you for not cleaning yourself!) and grumbling to myself.

M: Did you take your happy pills today?
Me: WHAT? What does that mean?
M: Nothing, I was just...wondering.
Me: Why? Because I'm griping about having to clean the kitchen.
M: So does that mean you're not in the mood for a big old slice of me?

A little while later, I'm still cleaning the kitchen and called M to tell him something I'd just remembered, but he didn't answer. I walked through the house carrying a glass jar I was in the middle of cleaning only to discover he wasn't in the house. I walked up stairs to the "man cave", still carrying the jar, and found him watching TV.

Me (very calmly): What are you doing?
M: Watching TV.
Me: So, you just came up here?
M: Well, yeah. You seemed a little irritable.
Me: And what part of leaving me alone to deal with the house did you think was a good idea?

Happy pills, BTW, are a "mood enhancing" prescription that I take for anxiety. Not because I'm crazy. I tend to get really stressed out and the pills help keep me level. Apparently, I've not been "level" lately. I'm back on them though and will be my normal happy self in no time.


marty39 said...

I think most of the time all of us need "happy pills". Glad yours help. Hugs, Marty

Brittany said...

When I told my hubby I had happy pills he thought I was talking the little blue pill HAHA! Anyways its okay I am certifiably crazy when I don't take them!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

The car conversation is hilarious!!!!!! I have a similar conversation with T regarding how old I look that I need to post ASAP! ;)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Haha! That car conversation was great! I loved the very quiet crazyyyyyy

Captain Dumbass said...

Poor M, it was like watching a car crash in slow motion.

Susie Q said...

Thank God for happy pills. Mine level out the brain chemicals. I had a stroke in 94 and with my usual luck, the part that it damaged and can't recover from was the part that regulates the chemical balance. Mood swings doesn't even begin to describe it. I should be back on them in the next 2 weeks. Thank God for the programs that help those of us without insurance and I think there is a special level in hell reserved for the doctors who claim to have filled out the paperwork and failed to folllow thru...then lied about it. I LIKE my new doctor ;D

The Nester said...

Ohhh, I want happy pills! Do they have skinny pills too? And smart pills? And rich pills?

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