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Saturday, January 22, 2011


One of the...let's call them oddities, of pregnancy is nesting.  It's a curious phase, that occurs a few months before giving birth in which the mother goes completely insane is driven to clean and organize things.  Anything.  Everything.  Apparently, I have hit the nesting phase.  With a vengeance.   Where the energy has come from, I don't know, but James Bond is scared.  Real scared.  Just the way I like him.  In the past week I've cleaned the pantry, the entry closet, the hall/linen/shove-everything-in-there closet, organized about 10 bags of stuff to go to the Reuse It center, cleaned *most* of Indy's room, swept and mopped the bathroom and kitchen, organized the school room drawers and shelves and rearranged some furniture.  It's like a compulsion.  Yesterday I went crazy over the laundry (I was freaking out because there was SO much), and James Bond volunteered to take care of it.  Our laundry room is 4 flights down (we have a shared laundry in the basement of our building) and it's hard for me to carry it up and down all those stairs.  He said there were 7 loads.  I think he mostly did it to get away from me and my frenzied cleaning.  Whatever.  He did it and that's awesome.  Of course it now has to be put away, but I'm working on that too.  Everything irritates me.  Plates in the sink (which normally I don't care about), wrappers not thrown in the garbage (I do care about that, but normally don't freak out over it), towels not *properly* hung up, jackets only halfheartedly on their hooks...oh the list goes on and on.   James Bond watches me like he's waiting for me to snap (which I secretly enjoy-because I'm evil).  Indy is pretty impervious to my mania though.  When I get a little too psychotic crazy, Indy will come give me a hug and ask me if I need to lie down and rest and if he can do anything for me.  Isn't he the clever one?  
I have to say that nesting does have its positives.  This stuff NEEDED to be done and goodness knows I won't have the energy AFTER Han Solo arrives.  I just hope I haven't driven James Bond and Indy off the deep end before all is said and done though.  I've got more to say, but while sitting here I spotted some dust bunnies that are just begging to be swept up. 


Charlene said...

Although I never had children, I can recall having had nesting times in the past. I can report it is something I have gotten over!

Michele Feltman Strider said...

You are cordially invited to have baby number three at my place and nest away to your heart's content. I have all of the dust bunnies you could ever want. ;-)

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