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Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy Birthday James Bond!

James Bond is 38 today! WOWZERS! He's OLD. ;) Saturday night I threw him a little birthday party. We had good friends over and a few bottles of good wine. What more could you ask? Oh, a cake! Indy made the cake. He likes to think of himself as a baker supreme and has a passion of sprinkles. The cake was double chocolate fudge with dark chocolate frosting. We put sliced strawberries between the layers. Indy did all the mixing and icing. I just put it in and pulled it out of the over and oversaw the stacking. He loves to bake a cake.

I think he'd had a few glasses by this point.

Indy even learned how to light the candles.  This was a BIG deal to him.

Look, it's empty!  Must have been good though.  See how happy he is?

TOM and the Contessa gave him a box of Leffe Beer, which comes from Poland.  It's so thick you practically have to chew it.  Not my favorite, but he loves it.

All told, including my mom and stepdad, we had TOM and the Contessa, Hoosier Mom and JAG, Cheese Head and Sgt Major, plus their kids over.  It was lots of fun. 

Today is his actual birthday and we went to a local American style diner for dinner.  He was off work today and said that overall it was a pretty good day, except that we had to go to the OB for more contractions (it's all okay though, so don't stress).  Happy birthday James Bond!   Here's to many, many more.


These Are The Days said...

Awe, both your guys are cute. Happy Birthday James Bond!!

Brit Gal Sarah said...

I'm impressed with that cake, looks like you had lots of fun, and thanks for stopping by today.

French said...

That is a SSERIOUS cake, Indy shows great promise as a baker. James Bond looks extremely happy; and that is what your birthday is all about! How are you managing this pg with so much activity? Sending warm wishes and a virtual glass of French bubbly from CA....

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby too! January 10th is a great day to be born :)

And I'm glad that everything is ok despite the trip to the doctor.

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