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Monday, January 24, 2011

Meta Monday: Indy's Room Take 2

Warning!  Photo heavy!
It's been AGES since I participated in a Metamorphosis Monday. AGES! Mostly because I had nothing morphed. Sad me. Today though, I have something to show you! Way back in March 2009, I showed you Indy's room as a Morph

His room went from this:

To this:
 It was a cute pirate themed room and he loved it.  For a while.  About a year later though, he told me he wanted something more grown up.  After I wept for about an hour over the thought of my sweet little boy growing up, I asked what he had in mind.  He said he needed something that said "ADVENTURE and EXPLORATION."  This is my son.  Indy had loads of stuff he'd collected from our various travels and I knew I could do something if I put my mind to it.  He wanted the walls painted a "desert brown" but I told him repainting was not an option.  He sighed heavily, and said he could "live with the blue" (he's very magnanimous that way).  I found a duvet cover and light fixture at IKEA (of course) that said action/adventure/desert and started pulling posters, post cards and other odds and ends and set to work.  It was actually not expensive at all considering we had most of it.  It was merely a matter of putting it together.  When I was (mostly) done, it looked like this:

After our big world cruise, he had collected even more stuff, so I had to add it to the wall.  This is what hangs on the wall by his bed today:

And he got a million more postcards.  He LOVES postcards and so do we because they are inexpensive and easy to pack.  After our cruise I had to add another row of twine to accommodate his expanding collection.  This is a great way to display photos or postcards for practically nothing.  I put nails in the wall (4 small nails per row, spaced evenly), tied some twine to them,  grabbed a bunch of mini clothes pins and started adding things.  It holds postcards, photos, entry tickets, drink coasters, and other bits and bobs.   He loves to lay in bed and look at it.  The compass above is a wall sticker I had made of  some clipart for about $10.  There is another (pictured above) on the entry wall that has N,S,E,W.

I love the big map.  I got it from for about $15.  James Bond found the Phonetician wall hanging for FREE and we had the smaller maps from our trips to Paris (they are street maps).  The EXPLORE letters I printed off  in the "Indiana Jones" font (SF Fedora) and cut out of travel scrapbook paper.  Easy peasy.

The 3 posters on the right side closet door were actually advertisements left in our cabin on our cruise.  The back side advertises the Disney Vacation Club and most people threw them in the trash, but we thought they'd be perfect in a Indy's room, so we carefully packed them in the bottom of our suitcase to bring home.

What adventure/explorer room would be complete without a shelf full of antiquities and curiosities?  These are some of Indy's most treasured possessions.  The Mickey and Mini banks are almost antique.  I got them in Disney World when I was about 3 and for whatever reason kept them.  Indy adores them and they are filled with his favorite thing: money!

And of course we couldn't leave out the most important items for any Indiana Jones wanna be:

I don't have a photo of it (and it really needs vacuuming or I'd go take one now), but we found and awesome zebra print rug to put by his bed.  He says his room is "super cool" and spends a good part of every day having adventures.

I hope you enjoyed the meta and will hop over to Susan's to see all the other wonderful links.

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Gail @ Faithfulness Farm said...

What a GREAT morph. Looks like a big guys room now :)

Thanks for your sweet visit :)


Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

You did a great job, and now I REALLY want a boy!!! I love love love what you added to the walls. I'm into postcards too. I used to buy one on every trip...not sure why I don't do that anymore. :s I'm inspired to try to find a way to display all of mine now.

What a great room. :)

These Are The Days said...

Love it. Makes me want to go to work on my boys room! Love the colors too, nice job.

Holly said...

What a lucky boy! You did and awesome job on his room...very cool! I love that you saved the posters. Who knows, they could be worth something someday (I recently saw a lady on Antiques Roadshow with some London subway posters from the '30s and they were worth thousands), but even if not, they look cool now!

Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

Lovely blog, hope to see you at My Dream Canvas!

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