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Friday, January 28, 2011

Dear So and So: Eating cookies in the dark

Dear So and So...

Oh, Friday.  The day most of the world looks forward to with a passion.  If you're a SAHM  It's just another day.  For those new followers (hi!!!!) who might not know. Kat over at 3 Bedroom Bungalow hosts an awesome blog party every Friday where you can write letters to anyone who has annoyed you this week.

Dear Girl Scouts,

$3.50 for a box of cookies?  Are you kidding?  Yes, your cookies are oh-so-delicious, but $3.50 a box????  Back when I sold them, they were $1.50 a box.  And don't think I haven't noticed that the cookies are smaller and the box holds less.  Oh, I'm on to you.  Charging more for less.  And you're only available once a year, making it almost impossible to pass you up.  PLUS, I'm pregnant.  You evil wenches know a pregnant lady can't pass up Thin Mints.  Evil.  You're evil.

Wiping the chocolate off my face,

Dear Han Solo,

If you could lay off with the kidney kicking, I'd really appreciate it.  It hurts.

MIHH (but you can call me Mommy)

Dear Lady driving the ridiculously large truck,

You will NOT fit into those tiny little parking space.  It is made for compact cars, which you are not.  There are larger spaces about 10 feet away, so stop trying to park in the compact spots.  BTW, I'd like the 8 minutes of my time you wasted (yes, I looked at the clock) while I couldn't back out of my own parking space because you were blocking the aisle trying (without success, I might add) to fit your big ass truck into a parking space made for a Mini Cooper.  After 8 minutes of pulling forward, backing up, pulling forward and backing up over and over, you had to move down to the larger spaces anyway.  Was it necessary to make everyone else wait because you can't do simple math?


Dear Coco,

You're ridiculously cute, and we love you, but you CANNOT sit on my stomach.  Han Solo and I do NOT appreciate it.  I know you think you have to be as close to me as possible (what's with that,BTW?), but please, not the stomach.


Dear electric wiring,

5 light bulbs blown in 2 days????  This is ridiculous.  I know you're old and faulty because our housing is ancient, but this is getting ridiculous.  I'm tired of buying light bulbs.  Not to mention cajoling James Bond into climbing the ladder to change said blown bulbs.  Ugh.  I'm really over this.

In the dark,

Dear Army Housing,

You'll be getting a hefty bill from me for light bulbs.  We blow about 2-3 a month, so start padding your budget now.


Dear Oprah,

I'm not griping at you.  I actually want to thank you for your show highlighting military families and the struggles they face due to these 2 seemingly, never-ending wars.  You made me cry several times, but I think this was a really important show.  I wish everyone in America had seen it.


Dear Readers,

Head on over to Kat's (hit the button at the top) to read more letters or write you own (you know you want to) and link up!




Sarah said...

Re: Girl Scout Cookies
I was thinking about the same thing yesterday. And truly, being pregnant during the holidays and Girl Scout cookie "season" is just evil. Really really evil. (Or maybe it's just incredibly tasty...)

Sandra said...

It is INCREDIBLY tasty but 3.50 is a lot of bucks for a small portion like that. Doesn't matter where you go, everybody is charging more for less.

I am sorry that you have lost your oldest dog last year June. I can empathize.

How else are things going in Heidelberg?

E. Charlotte said...

I love your Friday letters! The one about the lady in the big truck had me chuckling like mad. So true about the girl scout cookies too! I remember selling them and you got a lot more for the money! :)

Kat said...

There is this lady here who brought her Expedition here. England teeny tiny roads, HER big honkin truck. No wonder some of the English around here can't stand the Americans. *face palm*

Amber said...

I'm in Alaska and they are selling the cookies for $4 a box. I'm about to cough up $20 for some cookies!! how ridiculous!! :/
Also, i agree with the big trucks!! They drive me INSANE!!

Christina said...

Those little girls and their cookies get me every year. They know we want those delicious crack cookies, and when we finish the last box... it's a tragedy and we wish we had ordered more.

Satakieli said...

So glad I convinced the husband that a mini is waaaay more convenient than a silly oversized american car ;) Now just need to convince him that I need a smart car so I can park ANYWHERE.

As for the lightbulbs, weirdly some of our friends on PHV are having the exact same problem. We did when we moved in but just unscrewed half the lightbulbs on the fixture and it has been fine since... don't need 6 bulbs on one fixture anyway... they could probably see it from space.

JallieDaddy said...

I'm increasingly of the opinion that Kat is providing a very necessary publicv serice here!

It's good to know that I;m not the only one having to put up with violent babies :)

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