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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Random Thoughts Tuesday!


I’m going to participate in my first ever Random Thoughts Tuesday!I have lots of random thoughts. Lots. I often think of turning them into a post, but…I’m too lazy to give it that much thought I’d rather watch Oprah it’s too much work I’m simply so busy reading other, cooler blogs watching crap on TV teaching Indy and keeping the house tidy (oh, how that makes me laugh). So, onto the griping /randomness:

*Americans are so lazy!& We live about a 2 minute walk from the main gate of where many of the soldiers work. M walks to work every day. It actually takes longer to drive on because you have to go through security and you *might* get searched which takes forever. Oh, how I hate to get searched!

Anyhoodles, a soldier who lives 2 buildings behind us drives to work every day. He drives home for lunch, then back to work. Are you kidding me? I would see him driving out every day and assumed he worked on one of the other Kaserns (which you do have to drive or bike to), but no, I saw his very custom truck on post one day when Indy and I went to check the mail. I was dumbstruck. He actually has to park almost as far away as he lives. Dummy.

*My dogs really need a bath, but I so don’t feel like giving them one. Instead I made them an appointment to get groomed. Does that make me a bad mommy?

*German TV commercials are weird. Wacky and often full of nudity. M likes them. Too much.

*The days are so long here! It’s daylight until 9pm. By mid-June/July it will be light until around 10:30/11pm. It’s really hard for Indy to grasp why it’s still daylight at bedtime.

*I wish I were taller. And thinner. Sadly, being thinner is something I *can* do, but it’s just. so. much. work. Blech.

* I get irritated by people who update their facebook status every 10 minutes. I don’t need to know that much!

*Spiders are everywhere right now. Especially in our bathroom. WHY?

*Tulips are so pretty. They always make me smile.

*This is my 99th post! Holy moly! For my 100th, I’m doing a super awesome give away. If you like sweets and chocolate and pretties, you do not want to miss this one. Check back.

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Cameron said...

I hear ya on the Facebook thing. And light til 10:30....that would NOT work at my house, the kids would demand to stay up til sunset. Happy RTT

Fiona said...

I love how it's light so late in summer in northern Europe. Watching the sun set before bedtime (10pm! I'm old.) is fun.

But I can see how it would be confusing for a kid.

Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said...

I know what you mean about people being lazy. OUR NEIGHBORS will drive to our other neighbor's house when they need something. (2 houses down)

They could use the exercise too.
**ooooh did I just say that?

Welcome to Random Thoughts Tues.


C.B. Jones said...

Spiders are spies that work for the super secret alien government. They monitor everything we did, and broadcast voyeur videos on Mars.

GreenJello said...

I hate daylight savings time. Really, really, REALLY hate it.

Michelle said...

Love your random thoughts....I remember how crazy it was when I was in's was light out until after 10. It just felt kinda wierd!!

Sorry I haven't been by lately, I just get so darned busy. I will however go check out your Etsy shop!!

Have a great day!

C N Heidelberg said...

haha! Not 10 minutes ago I commented to Damon that there were so many spiders around all of a sudden! I guess it's spidey season.

Michelle said...

All the Cubs have to do is let the Billy Goat in...and then you can have your championship. But, they won't so...

Super cute Etsy Shop BTW...what's shipping run to the states???

Anonymous said...

I think it's spider hatching season. I usually get attacked around this time.

Clare said...

You are good. Your first random thoughts Tues. is amazing. I agree with the FB thing. I have a friend who does that. I wonder how he still has a job. looking forward to your 100th post.

Keely said...

*shudder* spiders...ugh.

You're not a bad dog mama. It's called outsourcing :)

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