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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Random Thoughts Tuesday: the one where I b!tch a lot


Do you have random thoughts? Yes, you do. Why not post a RTT? It's very freeing. Plus, a lot of other people will stop by your blog and give you some bloggy lovin (which you know you want).

*Why do we have eyebrows? I'm not buying the "to keep sweat out of our eyes" theory. Why? Cause it doesn't work! What are they for? Seriously. Mine are in serious need of waxing. Gah.

*Brown eggs taste better than white ones. It's a fact. I said so.

*I need to take out the recycling, but just don't feel like it. I have to go down 3 and a half flights of stairs, unlock the garbage/recycling center, throw the stuff in the right containers, then walk back up 3 and half flights of stairs. SO much work. I told M we need a garbage shoot from one of our windows to the garbage center. He didn't think it was a good idea. If he were here, I'd make him take out all the garbage. Also, I have about 6 empty wine bottle from Easter and a whole load of other glass that needs to go to the glass containers, but that's a whole block away, PLUS all the stairs.

* Purple <-----How's that for random?

*Indy starts violin lessons on Thursday. Could you die from the cute? I could. Anyhoo, the program falls underthe Children and Youth Services umbrella, so before he could take the lessons, he had to be registered with CYS. I have to bring in a copy of M's latest LES (military speak for paystub), Indy's shot records, and a list of his medications. They said the nurse would have to approve him before he could take lessons, which could delay him by a week or two. WHAT? He has allergies. I don't think violin lessons will be too strenuous for him. So, we run all over creation, we live on one Kaserne, the hospital is on another Kaserne about 2 miles away, and CYS is on yet another Kaserne about 9 miles away. We have to go through security checkpoints to get on all the Kasernes. We got searched twice. Once at the hospital and once at PHV (where CYS is located). In and out of the car. So annoying. Open all the doors, the trunk, the hood, the glove box, hand over your ID card, DL and registration. Wait in the red box on the sidewalk. Close all the doors, trunk, hood, go back to the box while they do an under carriage. You have no idea. Plus, all the buckling and unbuckling. Sigh. When we got to CYS, a different lady registered me (from the one I talked to on the phone) and when she asked if Indy had any medical issues, I simply said no. She said okay. We were done and off we went. Stupid CYS.

* Why is it that blogger says "aren't" is spelled wrong by underlining it in red, but buuckling passes the spell check? Learn to spell blogger! BTW, it also underlined blogger until I added it to the dictionary.

* I want smilies on blogger. Life would be so much better if I could insert an eyerolling smiley when I feel like it.

* Allergies blow! My eyes itch. My eustation tubes (that would be in the ear in case you can't remember) itch. They actually itch. I feel like I'm going insane.

* I hate seeing guys in flipflops. That's right, I said it. Ditto sandals. Cover those hairy man feet!

* I miss Friends. The show, not the people I know IRL. Why is there no Friends made-for-tv-movie, a la every show from the 70's? I want to know what happened after they all left the apartments that IRL there's no way they could afford. Well, we know what happened to Joey. He moved to LA and got cancelled. But what about the others? I want to know!

* Also, Pushing Daisies. WHY did they cancel that? That's just a darn good show. I'm so mad. Sure, Flavor of Love and Rock of Love (or whatever that Brett Michaels show is called) are still on, but not Pushing Daisies? Are you kidding me?

* British TV is awesome. The end. Except for the new Dr. Who. That's just weird.

* My house needs to sell. NOW.

* Rumba is fun to say. Try it. Rumba. RRRRRrrrrrrrumbaaaaaaa.

Hve a great day peeps. Leave me some random love.


Hazardgal said...

You hit all the bases-home run girl! No-grand slam! Albert Pujols hit one a few days ago! Love the idea here. Will do it too.

little miss spy said...

i'm so with you on pushing daisies! that was a great show. way better than so many that go on endlessly.

GreenJello said...

I like to buy the yummy brown Omega 3 eggs from Costco. Worth the extra money!

Ells said...

Seriously. That stand-in-the-pen-while-we-search-your-car thing drove me a little crazy. Were people not standing far enough away before they painted the box on the sidewalk? Were they hovering? Weird. Made me feel like a sheep. Get back in your pen, sheepie.

Also, thank you for reminding me to take my garbage out before my violin students arrive. If we lived in Hberg I would totally teach Indy violin without requiring you to first show me his shot records and sort your glass. :)

blueviolet@A Nut in a Nutshell said...

My daughter hates men in sandals too. I like it. I have no idea why. Wait, correction. Not my husband. Those need to stay covered.

Rue said...

Grrrrr.... I like you when you're bitchy LOL Purple?? My thoughts exactly!



Crazy Shenanigans said...

I miss the show Friends as well...I miss Frasier even more!

itsahumanzoo said...

I say we send ABC a million Daisies every day until they bring the show back.

What? It worked with Jericho!

An Accomplished Woman said...

Amen sister, and by the way, that was hilarious.


Happy Momma said...

But if Ells still lived in Germany and gave Indy violin lessons, then she wouldn't be here giving my little one violin lessons :) And she's a really good teacher!!! I know - - because she's teaching me also!

Nikki said...

I like purple. Was that a bad thing about purple or a good thing??
Great post! I will have to try that one day.

Sarah said...

I came over to your blog from a link on C N Heidelberg's blog. We're stationed in Heidelberg as well!

I had to laugh along with your frustration about running around to all the different Kasernes and getting inspected. We definitely know what that's like. How do they always manage to pull me over for inspection when I'm bringing home a hot pizza? Really, how?

Also, just a warning - if you don't like seeing men wear flip flops NEVER go to Austin, TX. Trust me on that one.


Keely said...

I liked Pushing Daisies a lot, too, but after a while all the episodes kind of seemed the same. The quirkiness wore off.

I think we have eyebrows because we look really weird without them.

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