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Monday, April 20, 2009

Brunch, a confession

"It's not quite breakfast, it's not quite lunch, but it comes with a slice of cantaloupe at the end. You don't get completely what you get at breakfast, but you get a good meal.”  -“Jacques, the bowler” The Simpsons


Do you brunch?  I love brunch.  Love.  With rainbow hearts and unicorn kisses, I love brunch.  It’s a meal that is relaxed and fun.  Just saying the word evokes images of friends getting together and having a great time around a lovely meal.  Plus, it’s the only time you can have a drink before 5 pm and no one thinks twice.  Well, Europeans often drink wine with lunch, but you know what I mean.  If I had a mimosa with breakfast, I’d probably be labeled an alcoholic.   If I didn’t have one with brunch, people would ask what was wrong.  How can you not love that?

We had an Easter brunch last weekend with our friends and it was just wonderful.  We met up at one apartment and everybody brought something.  Brunch was at 10:30 and we had salmon quiche (OMG, so good!), Belgian waffles, croissants, biscuits, brotchen (a small roll with a soft center and hard crust), jellies, cheese spreads, bacon, sausage (for the meat eaters), sweet rolls,  yoghurt, cakes, tea, coffee, juices and of course some alcohol.  One neighbor had planned on bringing Bloody Mary’s but ran out of time to get to the store, so we had only Mimosas.  Or, as I like to call them Mmmmmmmmimosas. 

Brunch is an incredibly civilized meal.  Breakfast is usually a greasy affair and lunch is often a quick bite on the go.  Unless of course you are a lady who lunches, and I sadly, am not.  Brunch means sitting for hours around a table, laughing and talking with friends, eating at your leisure and being relaxed.  Ah, brunch, how I love you.  Except.  Ah, there’s always something isn’t there?  And here is my confession.  I have to eat earlier than that.  Seriously.  I usually have to eat within 30 minutes of getting out of bed or I’m a complete and utter psycho grump the rest of the day.  There’s just something about having food on my stomach early in the day that starts me off right.  It is the most important meal of the day, you know.  Even if I eat later, I’m still a grump unless I eat early on.  And no, a slight nibble won’t do.  I must have at least a full bowl of cereal (organic honey o’s) with fruit and a cup of tea.    Even if I know I’m having brunch later on, I must eat.  Even the thought of Mmmmmmmimosas doesn’t keep the psycho grump at bay.    I wonder why this is.  Have I just trained myself to need food early in the day?  Well, if I have, it’s bloody inconvenient, I can tell you that. 

So, now you know my brunch secret:  I have to eat first.  If you ever invite me over to brunch (and really, why haven’t you?) don’t be offended if I don’t eat a lot.  It’s nothing against you or your cooking.  I’ve already eaten, so there’s not much room for your delicious waffles.  I will save room for mimosas though!  Cheers!



it might be inconvenient to eat early or be cursed with grumpiness all day, but your body actually functions better when you eat breakfast. it's brain food and gets your body going. people who eat breakfast regularly tend to weigh less and have a higher metabolism than those who don't eat breakfast regularly. so don't feel bad about it, it's a good thing even if it means eating less at brunch - a meal i must confess I also LOVE LOVE LOVE. :-)

An Accomplished Woman said...

We have brunch every Sunday and I absolutely love it. But here is my confession, we go to early church and I cannot make it through the service without something to eat. My dear hubby brings me a half a muffin and some cut up fruit for breakfast in bed every Sunday morning. I confess, I can't decide which I love more; brunch or breakfast in bed.

Great post,

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I love the brunch. Who doesn't? I have to agree about eating first though, even if it's just a piece of fruit or something. I am not pleasant otherwise. We have a great buffet-style brunch at our MOPS meetings...but it's not until 9:30ish, so I always have a piece of toast or something first. I love doing brunch with girlfriends/kids because it's a nice, cheap alternative to going out to eat. Potlucks rule! :)

Mommy (That's my name, don't wear it out.) said...

I am counting down the days to Mother's Day Brunch. Bloody Marys, any kind of breakfast/lunch food you could imagine and my husband works extra hard to keep the girls entertained so I can enjoy... heaven on earth.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

First of all I am the biggest breakfast foods fan ever! With that being said....I love brunch!! You can always mix and match lunch and breakfast foods so it's the best of both worlds!!

Preppy 101 said...

Hi!! thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. I gave you an award. Check it out!! ;-) xoxo

Sarah said...

My husband and I have Sunday brunch every week at the Kaffeehaus in Schwetzingen. It's really more of a European breakfast for lunch, but we call it brunch anyway. I love my weekly fill of scrambled eggs with bacon, yogurt with musli and berries, ham, salami, breads, honey, jam, nutella, coffee and sometimes....orangensaft mit sekt...sometimes :o)


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