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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

RTT: How I keep Mr. HH on his toes.

Oh, happy day! It's Tuesday! Time for weird, random and whatever.


*I get great joy of watching Mr. HH's face when I say "that's going on my blog."

*I told him this was going on my blog. Yesterday, Mr. HH was singing a song to himself, and decided to ask me a question. He was still singing while trying to ask the question and bit his tongue. It was hilarious and weird.

*I can't believe the freaking octopus was right about Spain winning the World Cup. We were so pulling for the Netherlands. Do they capitalize "the" do you think?

*Oh, dear sweet baby Hercules is has been hot here. I mean crazy hot.

*Mr. HH has creepy Skeletor feet. Men feet are weird anyway, but his are, well, Skeletor. By the power of Greyskull!

*Indy's b-day party is in 3 weeks and so far, I've been too hot to even plan. Crikey.

*I never understand why people say they can't wait for summer. It's too hot to do anything or enjoy what you're doing. You will never, ever, ever, hear me say I can't wait for summer. Ever. Bring on fall! Soon, please.

*We're back to school in less than a month. Oy!

*My dogs are getting groomed today. They hate getting groomed. They look so cute afterward though. The house is eerily quiet though. It makes me sad and really miss my Pepper.

*When we driving to the groomers, my car I was insane. Seriously, the noise coming out of two small dogs (4 and 14 pounds) was astounding. I swear, if you couldn't see inside my car, just hear it, you'd think I was transporting 27 dolphins, 15 colicky babies, a dozen hyena and a bear. Indy and I couldn't help but laugh.  It was either that or scream, and I opted to laugh.

*I ran out of "Happy Pills" this weekend.  Mr. HH practically pushed me out the door yesterday morning so I could get to the pharmacy ASAP and refill my script.  Should I be upset about this?  Wait, I took my happy pills, so I really can't.  Darn, I feel like I missed an opportunity there.

*I saw Eclipse online the other day.  Shhhh...I watched a copy someone recorded with a camcorder.  Do I care?  Nope!  It was awesome.  I'm going to see it in the real theater tonight (FINALLY) and I'm ridiculously excited.  I'm just waiting for some pillow biting.  ;)

*One stop shopping:

Have a great Tuesday and head on over to Keely's for all the fun and randomness.


VandyJ said...

Love that sign! wedding gowns and gas and guns all in one place. One stop shopping indeed!

family of 4 on the move! said...

Oh yes the heat is crazy ridiculous and I am a total lover of Fall weather! Not too cold yet and not hot anymore...wonderful!!
Too funny on the dolphins in your car!! That would have been funny to hear.
Have a great week!

Elle said...

I like fall too, but I do enjoy the stress-free ways we spend our summer days.

My husband and kids know everything that happens is potential blog material.

Our dogs are always quiet in the car. It's the cats that howl.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Hussey's sounds perfect for a nice, shotgun wedding.

We pulled for Spain, only b/c that's who T thought would probably win, and he had some "Monies" (as Natalie would say) on it. ;)

amanda @ Ramblings of an Empty Mind said...

That really is one stop shopping. :)

Alexandra said...

Heehee, so happy to hook up again. I forgot how funny you were. I hate getting so busy that I fall out of step with my faves. Love your Wii post, too.

Random Tuesdays are fun to read. I love how people's minds are full of ...random...

Sandra said...

I loved your random thoughts! I'm still laughing at the comment about your husband's face when you say "that's going in my blog" my husband probably has the exact same look! Imagine that,eh!
Love your header by the way,"Life's too short for ugly shoes"...are Sketcher's considered ugly? Well,they're comfy
I found you through the Random Tuesday!

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