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Monday, March 7, 2011

Super Simple (and FREE) St. Patrick's Day Decor

I've been a slacker this year when it comes to seasonal decorating. I did nothing for Valentine's Day and just got around to taking down the winter decor on Saturday (to be fair though, it IS still cold out there). I use the fact that I'm pregnant and tired as an excuse, but let's be real, I'm kind of lazy. I said it.
Well, with one of Indy's favorite holidays coming up, I HAD to do something. Seriously, Indy LOVES St. Patrick's Day. It all started when he was about 3 and the "naughty Leprechauns" came to visit for the first time.  Since then, it's second only to Christmas in our house.  For a hilarious recap of last year's St. Patrick's Day, click here.  Reading that again makes me laugh because we actually had to wake him up on Christmas morning.
Anyway, while there are a lot of St. Patrick's Day decor ideas floating around the web (and they all look gorgeous!), I just wasn't up for all that work (and didn't want to spend any money), so I put on my thinking cap and thunk and thunk (ate a moonpie) and thunk some more.  I wanted to use only items I already had.  How could I do some cute decor without spending though?  It would be so easy to go to the store and pick up a few things, but that would involve getting out of my jammies and who has time for THAT on a Sunday?  Not me.  After some hemming and hawing and thinking, would Indy really care if I didn't put up some decorations?, Yes, yes, he would, I pulled out Yuka (my trusty computer) and opened up MSWord.  That's right! Word.  I flipped through their clip art (sad) and then went to check out MS clipart online.  I found what I was looking for and downloaded it (for FREE).  I printed off  some large word art letters and a shamrock outline on plain paper, a leprechaun hat on heavy paper, pulled out some green poster board (construction paper would work too), some green ribbon, a pair of scissors and some faux greenery from my stash and got to work.
I traced the letters and shamrock onto the green paper and cut them out and cut out the hat.  James Bond kept giving me weird looks, but I told him to trust me (he totally thinks I'm insane for the holiday decorating, but likes the results).  I cut the ribbon into small strips, grabbed my greenery and went to the front door. Here are the results:

Total cost: $0.  Not too bad, eh?  It's festive and very spring like.  I love the crispness of the green and white against each other.  It's so nice to know that warmer weather and pretty flowers are just around the corner.  Hopefully the naughty leprechauns will bring some gold and luck along with their craziness this year.  Have you decorated for St. Patrick's Day????


Jennifer Bowen said...

You are so talented! Love how you can come up with something last-minute. The results are amazing! Yes, I'll be at the luncheon this Wednesday. Can't wait to meet you!

Carol-Anne said...

I used to do more seasonal/holiday decor when my son was younger. But now I find I just do the holidays that really matter to me (Christmas/Easter/Halloween). But looking at your post made me miss it!

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