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Thursday, March 10, 2011

RTT: The Thursday Edition

If you read yesterday's post, you know I was living in the dark ages on Tuesday and had no internet access. Quelle Horror! Because of this, I could not participate in RTT. Nooooooo!!!! I decided (at the request of a few readers, both through comments and emails) to do a RT THURSDAY. How's that for randoms??? Shablam!  I just blew your mind!

*I would like to thank those who emailed me wondering if my absence from RTT was due to Han Solo trying to come again. He's hanging in. In fact, he's nestled firmly under my ribs and has 1 tiny foot lodged against one of my ribs even as I type. With all the meds they have me on, I told James Bond that I will probably be overdue and hate everyone.

*There is a full moon on the 19th though, and that can make women go into labor. I looked up the full moon date in July 2002 (when Indy was born) and guess what? There was a full moon the night I went into labor! The next full moon is April 18th, which would be better, if we go the full moon route, but I am so over being pregnant.

*Here's a tip for you. If you have to yawn in the shower, make sure you're facing away from the water spray. If you're not, you may suck water down your wind pipe and choke like a fool causing your family to rush into the bathroom to make sure you're okay.

*Did you yawn when you read that? I did.

*Indy has something against "hippies." He hates to see guys with long hair or dirty looking young people. I tried to explain that he should not judge people by their looks, and he said he knows this, he just "can't stand the hippies." Okay.

*Only 50 days until the royal wedding!!!!! I.AM.A.DORK.

*We got our tax refund today!  Sa-weet!!!  Now I can buy new tires for Ulrika.  SUV tires are crazy expensive.  Unsweet.

*This morning I thought I found a stretch mark and totally freaked out. I did not get stretch marks with Indy and am determined not to get them this time either. The secret? Moisture! When I'm done in the shower (and hopefully not yawning) before I dry off, I rub down with oil and air dry (I pat myself with a towel, but make sure the oil stays on) and no stretch marks. This morning what I saw was actually a mark from where I had laid on the seam of my pj bottoms. Whew!

*Almond oil is perfect for after the shower. It doesn't leave you feeling greasy and absorbs quickly.

*Cherries are $6/pound. Of COURSE I am now craving them.

*Instead of getting the local weather on the Today Show (after Al does the national weather), we get a map of the US and can hear all the goings on off camera. Every flipping day Al Roker says these exact words:

AR: Ladies and Gentlemen, we always like to make sure out director Joe Michaels is awake. Could you please all say 'Wake up Joe Michaels!'
Crowd: Wake up Joe Michaels!
AR: And he's a HUGE fan of Robin Williams. Could you please all say 'Jumanji, Hi-def Joe!'
Crowd: Jumanji, Hi-def Joe!

WHAT DOES IT MEAN????? I have been listening to this for YEARS and still don't know. It's a great mystery.

*Oh, darn it!   I just saw that the US is "springing forward" soon.  Europe won't "spring" for a few more weeks.  This means it's going to mess with my TV schedule, as the live shows (like the Today Show) will come on at a different time than we're used to.   Key-rap.

*How much do I love the person who took a LOT of time to make this sign?  A bunch, that's how much.  Click on it to enlarge and read it.  It will make you laugh.  Or not.

So, that's my random Thursday.  Hope you have a wonderful day!


Michele Feltman Strider said...

On behalf of hippies everywhere, I apologize for whatever we did to offend poor Indy. ;-)

Seansmoma said...

I love the sign!

I also wish I would have known about that stretch mark secret when I was pregnant. *Sigh*

Raven said...

I so remember having my kids toes wedged between my ribs!

I had both my kids on a full moon too. And both times the maternity ward was absolutely packed.

Sorry Indy, but hippies rock!

There's a royal wedding coming up?

Tax money is always awesome.

Sesame oil is good for after the shower too.

Loved your random!! Have a great day.

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