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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'm a WINNER!!!!

After my disasterous, no interwebs, no telephone Tuesday 2 weeks ago (I think I'll call it Black Tuesday from now on), I was all set for the Heidelberg Community Spouses Club monthly luncheon on the following Wednesday. The luncheons are nice, because it's good to get out of the house and talk to grown ups and eat and laugh and win stuff. Oh, and there's usually some sort of presentation. I won't tell you my feelings on this month's presentation. I'm sure you can guess by that statement that they aren't glowing.
Anyhoodle, I take Indy to a friend who was watching him for me, as our regular sitter was booked and 3 (THREE!) back up sitters canceled on me and tra-la-la'd my way (yes, STILL in heels at 8.5 months pregnant) to the Village Pavilion for the luncheon. I checked in and bought $10 worth of raffle tickets (the HCSC raises a ton of money for the community, you know) and then wandered around talking to friends I saw and checking out the vendors (but didn't buy anything). At 10:30 the seating opened up and we all scrambled in to find seats at the same table with our friends. After placing my name card to reserve my seat, I wandered over to the raffle prize table to see what was up for grabs. If you when a raffle, you get to pick whatever is on the table (the first winner is the best to be because you get to choose from everything, while the last winner gets what's left). I was a bit let down and grumbled that I should have saved my money because there wasn't much on the table I liked (and the things I like usually get snapped up quickly-you know, because I have good taste and what not). See, no interwebs and no phone makes me crabby.
On the first raffle ticket drawing, of course one of the two items I liked was snatched up. Bummer. It was a Coach purse, in case you were wondering. I'm not a big Coach fan, but of all the things there, I liked it. Raffle drawing #2 and #3 took another item I liked. Drat. Raffle drawing #4 was...ME!!!! Shut up! I went to the table and decided to snatch up the OTHER Coach purse. All my friends oohed and ahhed and said for $10, that wasn't too shabby. True dat!  ETA:  The purse was donated from the PX, so I checked it out while I was there a few days later and it was $225!  YOWZERS!
We ate lunch and dessert (OMG, the lemon cake was divine), listened to some people talk and of course I had to pee about every 15 minutes. Drat! Coming back from one of my frequent bathroom trips, I heard a raffle number called that was 1 number off from my previous win. It was ME!!! I went as quickly as I could back to the dining room, while all my friends told the ticket drawer to hold on because I was coming (they call the number 3 times and if you're not there to claim, they draw someone else). I made it up to the front and looked at the remaining prizes. Nothing struck my fancy and I was about to take a set of 3 serving trays with a tapestry Easter runner, when I thought, I have a ton of serving trays, why get more? I looked over the prizes again and saw a big basket full of cake mixes, icing, ceramic cake pans, a book titled Kids Can Cook and a Martha Stewart child size chef's hat, apron and oven mittens.  Now, Indy loves to bake.  He bakes all of our birthday cakes and takes great joy and pride in it.  I thought he would LOVE this set, so I picked it instead of the serving trays.  He saw it when I got home and had a fit!  He's so excited he can barely stand it.  One of the cake mixes is strawberry (which is my favorite) and he said he could use that for my b-day cake in a few weeks.   I'm such an awesome mom.  Plus, I really liked the basket it all came in. 

After I got home and found my internet was FINALLY back on, I sat down with a cup of tea and set to reading all the emails I had missed.  One of them was titled "Congratulations!  You're a winner!"  I almost didn't open it, but the preview showed the name of one of the blogs I follow, so instead of deleting, I opened it and WHAT DO YOU KNOW???  I WAS A WINNER!  I won a nail gun and compressor from a give away sponsored by Centsational Girl!  I have not won a blog sponsored give away in well over a year and almost didn't enter this one because, well, I wasn't going to win, so why bother?  Haha!!!!  Can you believe it?  I called James Bond at work to tell him and I think he was more excited than I was.  Nail gun + compressor = crazy excited James Bond.  Huzzah!

Would you like to see the swag I won at the luncheon?  Of course you would!

Lovely Coach purse:

Baking basket for Indy:

I like to think it was just the universe apologizing to me for stealing my interwebs and phone the day before. 
BTW, the compressor and nail gun arrived today. James Bond practically drooled all over it.  Until I told him it's MINE!  Bwahahahahahaha!  If he's nice, I might let him use it though.


instant student said...

Sounds like an awesome day! Congrats!

Toni said...

Congratulations! Awesome day!

I'm not a big Purse person but that one is cute. (And a $225 purse for $10?! Can't complain!!!!)

Raven said...

Wow! You made out! Sweet. Congrats. I'm not big on Coach either, but it's a cute purse. The cooking set is just adorable.

Sarah said...

Wow, you're one lucky gal! Looks like a great day :)

Decor To Adore said...

Do they have lottery tickets in Germany? I can't remember. If so, you need to buy one! :)

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