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Friday, March 18, 2011

16 years

Sixteen years ago today James Bond and I were married. SIXTEEN YEARS, people!  Of course if you figure all the time we've been apart because of the military, we've probably only been together 9 or 10 years.  Sometimes it seems like only yesterday that I was nervously walking down the aisle (and getting my heel stuck in a grate on the floor-everyone thought I was just pausing for effect, but in reality, I was trying to wiggle my shoe free), and other days it seems like it's been forever. 
This year's anniversary was not what I would have expected a year ago.  James Bond was actually home this year (unlike many anniversaries in the past), and had the day off, but I had NO plans to be pregnant and close to delivery.  I thought we'd probably go out to dinner, laugh over the silly things we remember from our wedding day (there were loads of funny things that happened), then come home and dance to our wedding song (You Send Me by Sam Cooke).  Unfortunately,  I had a rough night of contractions last night (we were both adamant that Han Solo could NOT be born on our anniversary) and didn't sleep well and have really been laying around all day, trying to keep the contractions at bay.  I didn't feel like going out, so we decided to order in (Chinese) and watch a movie (Young Victoria).  Indy thought it was a great anniversary.  He hugged us both and said he was glad we decided to get married.   It wasn't romantic or anything, but you know what?  That's okay.  We spent the day together and in the long run, sometimes that's just as good.
I know this isn't mushy and lovey dovey, but that's okay too.  It wasn't a mushy kind of day.  If you'd like to read some slightly more romantic mushy posts, you can read  these:

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Happy anniversary James Bond! 


marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! Sounds like the perfect day to me, just being together as a family. Hugs, Marty

Toni said...

Happy Anniversary!!

My favorite part of your post was your son telling you he was glad you got married. SO Sweet!

Raven said...

Happy Anniversary! Sounds like an awesome day to me. :D

Beta Dad said...

Happy Anniversary! My wife was induced on our 8th anniversary (of marriage--we had been together for 17 years by then), and gave birth to our twins 48 hours later. Good times! It's nice having all the significant dates clustered like that. Easy to remember.

These Are The Days said...

Woo hoo to 16 years! That's great, congrats!!

Just wanted to tell you I went private so if you want an invite (which is a pain for you so sorry), just email me at

Take care. :)

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