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Monday, March 28, 2011

Another one bites the dust

So....yesterday was my birthday and thanks to FB (remember I actually KNOW all of my FB friends) I feel ridiculously loved (and adored). James Bond and Indy made me an awesome strawberry cake with chocolate icing (LOVE) and we drove up to Ramstein Air Base(about an hour away) to go to Chili's for lunch (we haven't been to Chili's in over 3 years-I totally forgot there was one at Ramstein). We started off with Spinach-Artichoke Dip and practically had to fight Indy to get any ourselves. That boy loves spinach-artichoke dip. After his first bite, he closed his eyes and said "Best. Mom's. Birthday. Ever." Silly boy. I ordered the Chicken Quesadilla Explosion Salad and it was heaven. There was no way I could eat it all, but what I did was wonderful.  After that we went to the HUMONGOUS Ramstein PX (store) and walked around. I also had a strawberry milkshake from Baskin Robbins. The last 3 times we been up there they have been out of strawberry ice cream (HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN???) and I told JB that if they were out this time, I was going to go totally pregnant crazy on them. Fortunately (for them), they had 2 containers out. YUMMY.
On the way home we were being crazy silly an laughed so hard I thought I was going to go into labor.  It wasn't even anything spectacular, we were just being silly.  Good times.  When we got home and opened the door, a wave hit me and I said "It smells like ass in here!"  I'm a lady like that.  When we stepped into the LR, we saw why.  My poor Dutch (10 y/o Pekingese) had been violently ill, many, many, many times.  Oh, the horror.  James Bond was super awesome and cleaned it all up (it was in the LR/DR and kitchen) and then I mopped all the floors.  Dutch acted fine (he was very happy to see us), but the illness continued all through the night.  He tried to tell us he needed to go out, but several times, before we could get our shoes on, it was too late.  Darn it.  JB and I were up half the night and totally exhausted this morning.  And the house smelled like double ass.  Ugh.  I'm happy to report that Dutch seems to be feeling better today and has only had to go out a few times today (as opposed to about every hour and half last night).  I called the vet and they told me to feed him rice and chicken broth and if he doesn't improve to bring him in.  He's been enjoying that along with the extra love (though probably not the 2 baths he had to take) and we're hoping we don't have to go to the vet.
Dogs get ill, just like people.  Who knows why?  They get viruses or eat something disgusting they found outside (that's right, I'm talking about you Arf) that doesn't agree with them.  It's not often, maybe 3-4 times a year, but when you have 3 dogs, those 3-4 times a year become 12-16 times a year and you think you might lose your mind. We have hardwood floors in our house, but like most people have placed down (thankfully) inexpensive area rugs.  For whatever reason though, when the dogs get sick, they head right for the rugs.  Oh, yeah.  At one time in the big LR/DR area, we had 4 rugs: one under the coffee table, one under the table, and two others just in the open areas.  Thanks to multiple illnesses, and dogs who apparently like to be ill on said rugs, we now have none.  We also lost the rug in the school/guest room when Arf ate something he found outside and decided to bring it back up all over the rug.  Lat night, the last rug we had in the house (aside from the one in Indy's room, where the dogs are no longer allowed)  became the latest victim.  There was just no saving it.  James Bond tried, but to no avail.    We are now pretty much a bare hardwood floor house.  It's chilly in the winter, but easy to clean up, so I guess that's good.  Whatever will we do if we move into a house with carpet????? 


Raven said...

Glad you had a happy birthday! I have a cat that pukes about 900 times a week and never once has she thrown up on the linoleum. It's always on the carpet, or if my Midget has been lazy, the clothes that are left on the floor.

Jennifer Bowen said...

Belated Happy Birthday! Glad you had a great time at Ramstein.

Sorry to hear about your dog. I hope he's feeling much better.

Didn't see you again at the luncheon this month. What's with that? LOL

Captain Dumbass said...

When I started to read the beginning my eyes slipped down a line and I thought you had written that you'd had 2 strawberry milkshakes. I was impressed.

instant student said...

Happy belated birthday!
I hope the dog is better soon!

Carol-Anne (Use the Good Dishes!) said...

So funny about your dog! I have seen my dog walk the equivalent of 1/2 a block to get to the carpet so he can barf on it!
Glad your birthday was good. I keep expecting to see that you've had your baby!

tarichuck said...

Happy belated Birthday! So glad you had a wonderful time with the family (minus the sick dog-hope he is feeling better soon.)

Anonymous said...

The 27th was my birthday too! Happy belated.

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