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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

RTT: Old Rock Stars and Killer Shrimp


*Last week I was sort of watching The View (actually I was surfing the web, it was just on in the background) and one of their guests was Jerry Lee Lewis, who they introduced as a legendary rock star. Indy had been READING a book and looked up when they introduced him.
Indy: Isn't that guy a little old to be a rock star?
Me: He's a very famous musician and a pioneer of rock and roll.
Indy: What a pioneer?
[explanation of pioneer]
Indy: Well, he's still old.
After the interview, JLL played a couple of songs, including Great Balls of Fire. Indy's eyes got HUGE when he saw him playing the piano.
Indy: Wow! For a really old guy he sure can play the piano. I guess he could be a rock star.
Sigh.  Ah, youth.

*The ugliest shoes ever.  I could add a few to the list, but can't argue with any of them.

*OMG, John Mayer is quitting Twitter!  What ever shall we do without his pithy 140 character Tweets?!?  I would say alert the presses, but sadly, it was one of the top stories on Yahoo News.  Really?

*It's chilly here.  Yay!

*Killer Shrimp!!!!

*I got to watch the Oprah season premier today (we get it a day behind).  I'm going to miss her.  I don't like all the shows (mostly the celebrity boo hoo shows), but I watch it most days and I'm really going to be sad when it's over.  I do hope we get the Nate Burkus Show though.  I loves me some Nate Burkus. 

*Why hasn't Oprah taken me on a trip?  I'd like to go to Australia.  With John Travolta.  Especially if he dances.

*Soft German pretzels are one of the single greatest things in the world.  Seriously.

*I'm slowly decorating for fall.  I love fall!!!  It's so pretty.  And chilly.  I may have mentioned that earlier.  Huzzah!  Don't you love fall colors?

*I bought some shoes a few weeks ago (are you surprised?) that I need to show you.  Not today though.  I'm such a tease.

*Oh, oh, another good thing about fall?  Fall TV!  I can't wait for the premiers of Bones, Castle, The Big Bang Theory, Chuck, and...something else that eludes me at the moment.  It's on the tip of my brain, but I can't think of it.

*I can't juggle.  Just thought you should know.

*James Bond can juggle.  It thrills Indy when he does it.  Indy can't juggle though, and wants to try, but I'm afraid of the carnage that will happen in my house if he does.

*My stupid router keeps dropping my internet and then reconnecting.  It's so annoying.

*Is it odd that I have an entire file folder in my photos dedicated to Johnny Depp and another to Edward Cullen?  Didn't think so.

*Remind me not to eat here:

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C N Heidelberg said...

I'm going to have nightmares about those hoof shoes.

These Are The Days said...

Johnny Depp...not weird at all. John Mayer...ugh! :)

Christina said...

Is John Mayer still newsworthy? I guess it looks better if he stops tweeting than if people stop following him on Twitter.

Anonymous said...

yay for depp photos!
i totally wouldn't eat there either :)

SweetHome said...

I love Nate Berkus too! I want him to come decorate my WHOLE house...sigh...dare to dream!

Beta Dad said...

The goat shoes are kind of cool. But the uggs are definitely hideous. Girls here wear them with miniskirts and bikini tops. Ridiculous.

You got the goat shoes, didn't you?

family of 4 on the move! said...

I love Fall too! I absolutely love Fall colors too!
German pretzels are the best and I love to heat up some velveeta and dip mine..yummmm!!!

Have a fab day!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

What do I comment on first? Ok the shoes. Can you imagine. Not that I am a member of PETA or anything but those are just ridiculous.
John Mayer. He's the top story. Really. The news media needs to get their priorities straight.
Thank goodness JLL can still bang on that piano enough to make the youngsters take notice. :)

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