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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

RTT: Just...stuff


*We had really strong winds for 2 days and it knocked out our interwebs and phone! Quelle horror!

*The Contessa turned 40 yesterday and we (her friends) managed to pull off a surprise party! We told her there would be a get together in our basement party room, so she was happy with that. At 5:30, another friend and I told her she had to come with us to Hugo's (a restaurant) to pick up some party trays and when we got there, all of our gal pals were waiting to surprise her. She had no idea. Her her hubby (T.O.M.) was in on it (they had family time earlier in the day) and on the way there, she made a comment about how he can't keep secrets. Oh, how we laughed.

*Who first thought to put chocolate in milk? Milk is icky, but add chocolate to it and pass me a big glass please.

*Coca-cola was originally green. Weird, huh?

*Schooling Indy is fun sometimes. Today we wrote secret messages in lemon juice and then held the paper over heat to make the words appear. He thought this was super cool. I am awesome.

*North America has a higher percentage of wilderness than Africa. North America has 38%, Africa only has 28%. Who'd have thought?

*I read somewhere that all polar bears are left handed. How would they know? It's not like they write, so, how is it determined. And really, ALL polar bears? There can't be ONE right handed polar bear? I don't buy it.

*Merideth Viera has really cute shoes on today (I'm watching the Today Show while I type).

*Because we watch the Today Show on AFN, we don't get local weather, so where the local weather should be, we get a map of the US and can hear everything they are saying "off camera." Sometimes it's pretty funny. Al frequently cracks me up.

*I'm worried about Al Roker. He's looking sick thin. I know he's been dieting and had gastric bypass, but he looks sick to me. Be okay Al!

*A guy I dated in high school sent a friend request to me on FaceBook. I told James Bond about it and asked if he thought it would be weird for me to accept. He asked if ex-bf was better looking than him. I told him no and he said "then you can be his friend." Good to know he has standards.

*Indy crawled in bed with me around 7:45 this morning and told me my bed was warm and comfortable. I remember when I was little I always loved crawling in my parents bed. I wonder what is is about your parents bed that makes it so much more comfortable and cozy than your own?

*Whenever I post something about my beloved Johny Depp (kisses), my hit counter goes up a lot.  Interesting.  I also get a lot of comments from other women saying how much they love him.  Back off.  He's mine.  I thought we had established this. 

*Finally, read carefully:

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instant student said...

Re: ice bears

I guess they watched them fishing and probably the watched ice bears used the left paw to catch the fish.

I think I have to head over to youtube and try if there are any vids of fishing ice bears, just to see it myself. :)

instant student said...

Me again, didn't find anything helpful on youtube but wikipedia says it is not true. :)

Mama Badger said...

Who thought to give a krappe if the bears were left handed? So you know which direction that heavy paw full of claws that's going to knock you on your rear end is coming from?

What do you suppose the board is for? Do you use that to cut things with? (as in a board for cutting with, not on?)

Captain Dumbass said...

I love it when the boys crawl into bed with us and actually fall asleep. Sadly, that doesn't happen much anymore.

Charlene said...

Left handed Bears? I think they are political leftist and probably always hold their prey with the left hand while killing it with the right...or something like that. SMILE

Christina - Rant Rave Roll said...

Green cola... not really that appealing if you ask me. The next time I run into a polar bear, I'll be sure to pause and see which hand... er... paw he uses.

Anonymous said...

green coke? ew.
chocolate milk? yum

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