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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cruise: Day 5 The Eternal City

More from our summer cruise! This is Day 5 of our fantabulous Disney Mediterranean Cruise. We ported in Civitavecchia, Italy and took a train to Rome. The little town of Civitavecchia was really cute and I wish we'd had time to explore it, but Rome called.
The train ride took about an hour and we passed through some beautiful countryside and talked about what we'd be seeing when we got to the Eternal City. Indy was super excited because we would be going to the Colosseum. The day before, after we left Naples, I attended a lecture on board about Rome and found out that the Colosseum is actually named Amphitheatrum Flavium and used to have a colossal statue nearby. People used to meet by the Colossus or at the Colosseum (amphitheater near the Colossus). When the statue fell, the name stuck and somehow we now know it at the Colosseum. And now you know.  Sort of.

Indy was overwhelmed when we emerged from the subway station and directly in front of us the Colosseum. It was teeming with people who looked like ants around a giant hill. The day was warm and sunny and perfect for exploring this beautiful ruin.

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After the Colosseum, we walked just up the road to the Forum and the Paletine Hill. The Forum is the said to be the original Rome and the Paletine Hill the part controlled by Romulus, the first king of Rome. This is where the oldest and most important buildings from ancient Rome were located. Indy loved all the fallen columns and rocks and especially the fact that it is a working archeological site. There were no archeologists on the job that day, but we could see where they were working and he wanted so badly to pull his brushes and trowel out of his pack and get to work.

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After a long day of exploring, we took the train back to Cicitavecchia and back to the ship.  We were sooooo happy to be on board because we were exhausted!  Indy had a great time and can't wait to go back to Rome.

You can see more photos from our cruise by clicking the names of the ports: MaltaTunisia, Naples.   More entries will come soon.  I have 3 more ports and the story of the last day.  Good stuff, my lovelies, good stuff.


family of 4 on the move! said...

Beautiful pics! Looks like you all had a grand time too. That covers 2 of our to-do's..a Med cruise and Rome. Mr. M is a huuuge history buff and is dying to see Rome. Hopefully we can fit them both in like you all did. That just seems easier to me! lol

Decor To Adore said...

Oh yes indeed good stuff! When I walked around Rome I just could not get over the history of it all. I felt like just a blip on the radar. :)

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