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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

RTT: Watermelons, Cakes, Birthdays, ipods and...whatever

Hello! It's RTT! I have missed it for a few weeks now. WHAT? I know.


*Apparently the 6 weeks we took for summer vacation made me totally forget that homeschooling seriously cuts into my blogging/napping/movie time.  I have to actually teach and interact with Indy.  Whaaaaaa.

*What did people do before the invention of portable music?  Think????  Talk to other people???? On my way home from the gym this morning I realized that every single person had earbuds in and was busy looking at the ground. In the interest of full disclosure, I should add that I too was wearing earbuds, but I make it a point to look at (or at least try to look at people-hard to do when everyone's looking at the ground) people and nod or say hello. I think mp3 players are making us antisocial.

*Indy's BFF had a super awesome birthday party this weekend. It was Star Wars themed and Hoosier Mom (really, 3 months and no blog update?) made the coolest R2D2 cake. Seriously. It was amazing.  Check this out:

The legs are made out of Rice Krispie treats and iced.   She is a cake diva!

*James Bond carved the super cool Death Star watermelon in the background.  It is now official: watermelon is his medium.  You can see his watermelon shark and watermelon monkey brains by clicking the links.

 That's no moon.  It's a melon!

*Indy wants a Star Wars party next year (he told me this about a week before the pirate party this year) and said when James Bond carves the Death Star watermelon for him, we're going to put some fireworks in it and blow it up just like the movie.  Sigh.  He also wants a Han Solo in carbonite cake, like this one:

Double sigh.

*Is it really almost Labor Day Weekend?  REALLY?  Where did the summer go?  Of course here it's already chilly (high of 62 today), but still, Sept, already????

*Indy had his first soccer practice last night.  James Bond called me at 4pm to tell me that he'd gotten an email last week, that he hadn't opened until just then re: Indy's soccer.  We didn't know when practices would start (we were told to look for an email), so at 4pm, I learn that practices start at 6pm (that day!) and Indy needed cleats and shin guards before then.  Great.  We ran to the store (where they were mostly wiped out of cleats in Indy's size) to get a pair.  The only ones they had in his size were neon yellow and the only shin guards they had left were kind of a goldish/neon yellow color.  Fancy!  I'll have to post photos.

*Drat, Indy needs my help.  I guess I'd better go do something.  Before I do though, I'll leave you with this:

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Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

I had that same thought recently about portable music and everyone walking around with earbuds. :)

LOVE that R2D2 cake and the watermelon!

Summer did fly by too fast, didn't it?

Neon yellow, eh? He'll be easy to see on the field! Do post pictures soon! ;)

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blueviolet said...

I am in absolute awe over that cake!

I have noticed the temp is dropping lately too!

kimert said...

Wow! That cake is awesome!

amanda @ Rambling of an Empty Mind said...

The Star Wars stuff is just crazy! And cool.
Agreed with the whole back to school thing cutting into blogging and starts Tuesday. ugh.

Vixen said...

Where did the summer go? September already? Although I am happy for cooler weather.

That cake and watermelon are awesome. I'd love to see video of next years fireworks explosion. Sounds fun, ha ha.

Christina said...

My brother in laws ex is about to get remarried. They're having a Star Wars themed wedding. I wonder if they've ordered the cake and centerpieces yet?

Julie from Momspective said...

If I had the ability to make that cake, I'd make it every day.

jpshaw said...

I know I cannot believe summer is over *sigh* makes me sad.

Love the cakes those are totally cool, she should start her own business as well as for the watermelons, offer them kids birthdays!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

The Star Wars party sounds perfect! And I love the idea of blowing up the Death Star. My husband would love that. I wish we had a boy....

Hope Indy loved soccer!

Satakieli said...

Wow, Watermelon really is his medium isn't it? That one is my favourite so far! I think Indy's idea of blowing it up sounds fantastic, haha!

I don't wear earbuds when I walk around, I'm that creepy person who always talks to pretty much everyone I pass... even if it's just a good morning. I think it's a throwback from working in retail for so long, I'm good at "pretending" to be friendly! lol

Betty Marie said...

Hi! I came across your blog from twtm and I really like how your humor comes across and the creativity that you shared with those cakes!! I am at

Angel said...

I listen to music alot too, lol but I'm the one dancing and walking at the same time and making people look at me funny

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