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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

RTT: Building Legos in my dreams


I NEED YOU TUESDAY!  THANK GOODNESS YOU'RE HERE!!!!!!  Sorry for yelling, but really, I need a brain drain.

 *As a girl, I never had Legos.  Indy got a million for his birthday, but doesn't want to actually put them together.  I've spent countless hours since Sunday putting together Star Wars and Indiana Jones Lego sets.  It's an awful lot of work to have to put the toy together before actually getting to play with it.  I'm not seeing the appeal. Plus, if you put something in the wrong place, it's a beeyotch to get it back off.

*I dreamed about Legos the other night.  I think it was a nightmare. 

*Why are 2 of the judges on America's Got Talent from Britain? Shouldn't they all be American? Also, shouldn't the contestants be required to be American? They have people who flew in from all over the world to audition. It's not World's Got Talent, it's America's Got Talent. I'm just sayin.

*I don't think I have a talent.  How depressing.  Oh, wait, there is my stellar wit.  Piers would get that.

*In addition to the Lego dreams, I had a dream that a former high school boyfriend of mine decided women were too complicated so he was going to start dating men.  Weird.  Of course 2 of my former boyfriends are now gay, so, I guess it's not that weird that my brain would cook that up, huh?

*I wonder if I am just a gay magnet?  I don't think James Bond would appreciate that thought.

*Why is it that nothing in our community opens before 10am?  Seriously, it's very annoying.  If you want to get something done early, forget it, because nothing can be done (except shop at the commissary) before 10am.  WHY?  Half the things on post have hours that are 10am-4pm.  That's ridiculous.  I dropped Indy off at camp at 9 and had to wait an hour to do any of the things I needed to.  Even the library wasn't open until 10.  I ran to the commissary to pick up a few things but because I had to wait until 10 for my other errands, my whole schedule was thrown off and I am very annoyed.

*I had to get some VAT forms today (Value Added Tax that we don't have to pay if we have a form-tax is 19%) and the VAT office didn't open until 10am. Of course.  I went to the library to drop off and pick up books (after it opened) and then to the VAT office.  I swear half the Polish Army was in line ahead of me.  I guess they don't have to pay German tax either.  The only worker at the VAT office is incredibly slow (painfully slow).  The Polish Army was getting the maximum number of VAT forms you can get at 1 time (10 per person).  The VAT forms are in several pieces that print off and have to be torn apart (they are printed on those pages with the holes down the side that are all attached) and then both sets of the form have to be stapled together.  It's a lengthy process.  The fact that there were so many in front people in front of me and that the lady who worked there was not only painfully slow, but more interested in talking about the brauhaus (brewery) she'd been to this weekend with a coworker made me want to start throwing things and go into an Incredible Hulk type rage.  I refrained though because I didn't want to ruin my shoes and finally get my forms so I can go to IKEA and buy James Bond a new dresser.

*Oh, I finally got to watch Remember Me!  Indy walked in and asked if I was watching Twilight.  Um no, it's just that RPattz is in Remember Me (and no, that's NOT why I watched it *coughcough*).  It's good and I did NOT see where it was going.  I was so shocked I actually gasped.  Out loud.  This is a really good movie, but it's not a feel good kind of film.  Still, very good.  Rent it. 

*Finally, today we have a toofer (twofor?) because they both deal with weight. 

It reads: Need to lose a little weight before your wedding?  Nice, pick on the stressed out brides.  Way to go SlimFast.  Maybe if they went here, they wouldn't have a problem:

How could you not like this gym?  They have a sense of humor.

I hope you all have a lovely and random Tuesday and that if you must run errands, you don't find yourself behind half the Polish Army, contemplating violence.


Michele said...

My oldest son loved legos. They were a staple at our house every Christmas and birthday. We never bought the kits because he wouldn't put those together. He like to make his own Star Wars fighters & such. Worse thing about them: stepping on them in the middle of the night.

Happy random!

Florida Girl Meets the Midwest said...

I think the ability to pick out pretty shoes is officially a talent.

stopping by from SITS.

Martha in PA said...

Stopping by from RTT. I hate when things don't open until 10...when I have lots of errands to run, I want to get them all done early.

amanda @ ramblings of an empty mind said...

I LOVED legos growing up. The only thing I didn't like about them was stepping on them. OUCH!

Charlene said...

At least you are not attracting psycopaths. I think attracting gay friends is much more pleasant.

I think when the aliens come they will eat the buff sleek people first. They'll want to save the fatties in case there's a hard winter.

The Crazy Coxes said...

I have a love/hate relationship with legos. Building them is the point. You don't really "play" with them once they are built. You just look at them. So if you aren't having fun building ...then it's just not fun.

Hmmm....I'm a gay magnet too. Why is that. Wait, you could list that as another one of your talents!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Ah the VAT form. Brings back tortured memories.

I just rented Remember Me. Can't wait to watch it. Cough, Cough. :)

Rue said...

Hey you!

Legos..... my brother was sooooo into them and he had drawers full. I'm glad Indy had a great party. Happy belated Birthday Indy!!

I'm so sorry to hear about Pepper. I know what you had to go through. May he rest in peace.

By the way, Alex's beret is one of those new ones that have to be shaped. Rich bought it for him so he didn't have to wear the one that was issued and tried to teach him how to shape it, but he definitely needs practice. How funny that JB noticed! LOL Such a military thing ;)


AmyLK said...

OMG! That second sign is hillarious! And Son loves Legos but me - not so much. I end up stepping on them. ugh

Captain Dumbass said...

Isn't the army supposed to get up really early? What are they doing until 10am?

family of 4 on the move! said...

Haha I have said that exact same thing about "America's got talent" it's not all American so why even name it that!

Legos suck! They are all over the place and hurt like hell when you step on them.

I am in total agreement on the time thing! It is ridiculous and nothing can get done because of the time situations here!

Elizabeth said...

My life with boys is all about Legos and I'm 40 so suddenly I dream in xxx - yikes. But it's all going to good use....

I'm posting a fun, familiar and fictional tale about a mommy-wife like us - a "what if" rendition of what life might be like if we ventured into the cougar's den and let "friending" an old boyfriend on Facebook wreck havoc on a perfect life. Today's post even has the main character bored with Legos and needing an afternoon cocktail. I hope you'll take a peek at

Hopefully you'll get a chuckle - and pass it on if you like it.


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