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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Random Thoughts Tuesday: The ranty but proud to be American edition


Let's be honest. Many of my posts are rants, but this one is extra ranty. "There is no charge for rantynes. Or good looks." If you know what the original saying was from, I heart you big time. :) Let's get on with the rants randomness.

*Indy is weird. Every morning for breakfast he wants a sandwich. A cream cheese, turkey and broccoli sprout sandwich. For breakfast. It's good sandwich, don't get me wrong, but for breakfast? Oh and he wants a side of blueberries. He calls it his "power breakfast." Weird.

*Yesterday I was listening to the news on AFN in the car. Unfortunately I wasn't paying close attention at first and didn't hear who said this, but someone (I'm pretty it was Chavez) said that the Americans need to cooperate more with the international rescue efforts and quite trying to "secretly" occupy and take over Haiti. WTF? If it was you Chavez, suck it. Heck, even if it wasn't you, suck it. I don't like you.

*I'm trying to hold on to the beauty that is winter, but it's hard when all the stores are putting out their pretty spring stuff. Manipulators! Can't we just enjoy one season before you start throwing another one at us?

*The founder of Taco Bell, Glen Bell, Jr. died on Sunday. How sad. Poor college students all over the US owe a lot to him. He's also one of the reasons I'm on the stair stepper so much.

*I love living in Europe and would happily spend the rest of my days here, but I love being an American (except when around other obnoxious Americans). While there are many (MANY) flaws to America (as a military spouse, I'm one of the first to gripe about them), one of the things I most appreciate is the fact that no matter what is going on in our own country, economically, politically or otherwise, if another country is in trouble, the US is going to help them out. Many people see us as invaders (I'm looking at you Chavez) trying to spread American ideals at the detriment to other cultures (again, still looking, Chavez), but if a country is in need and/or has a serious natural disaster, America is going to be there, offering aid and that is awesome.

*They played a clip on the radio yesterday of Haitians chanting "USA! USA!" after American rescue workers freed several members of a Haitian family from the rubble of what had once been their house. It warmed the cockles of my heart.

*What are the cockles of your heart? Anyone know?

*A while back another blogger posted a how to on making a replica of the Pottery Barn Typewriter Keys wall hanging, but now I can't find it. Can anyone give me a link or tell me who it was? It's driving me crazy.

*Something is going on with my house plants. Normally they're good, but for some reason they're all dying. WHY? They get water and sunlight and love. Indy thinks it's because Mr. HH keeps looking at them. He has a notorious black thumb.

*I'm typing this while working on my stair stepper (buns of steel here I come) and from this height I can see the dust on top of the wardrobe in the living room. It's terrible. Somebody should clean that off.

*I hate Monday holidays. It blows my whole week.

*If I write down my random thoughts all week and then post them, do you still think that makes them random?

*Finally, our funny sign of the week:

Now, go visit Keely for all the other random goodness.

EDITED for grammar. I can't believe I wrote "their" instead of "they're." It's one of my biggest pet peeves! Why didn't someone tell me? I'm so embarrassed. {hanging my head in shame}


These Are The Days said...

Oh that was hilarious! Thanks for making me laugh at 5:00, while sitting in the dark, all by my lonesome. :) I will pop over there and check it out.

Melanie said...

I crack up at the Taco Bell "diet" commercials. I think if someone is going to Taco Bell to diet, then they have some issues that are bigger than needing to diet.

Formerly known as Frau said...

Stair master and typing at same time ...damn you are talented!

Allison said...

SO true about the US helping other countries...but then getting criticized for it :( Ugh. It's like we are damned if we do, damned if we don't!!

The Crazy Coxes said...

The sign is HILARIOUS!

It was Chavez who said to quit sending soldiers and send more water. What an idiot!

America rocks and you rock more for sacrificing to serve our country! Thanks!!!!!!

I guess I'll have to go to Taco Bell to celebrate, I mean mourn the death of a man who gave us so much!

The Crazy Coxes said...

The sign is HILARIOUS!

It was Chavez who said to quit sending soldiers and send more water. What an idiot!

America rocks and you rock more for sacrificing to serve our country! Thanks!!!!!!

I guess I'll have to go to Taco Bell to celebrate, I mean mourn the death of a man who gave us so much!

Emily said...

Your random posts rock. I'm with you on the spring's still January! It actually just makes me mad to look at spring clothes knowing I can't wear them!

Unknown said...

Great random thoughts... USA USA...would have loved to have seen that...

Stacy Uncorked said...

That turkey sandwich does sound good - I'd like to know how you got Indy interested in eating broccoli sprouts! Princess Nagger is anti-vegetable, even though she used to love broccoli, but decided she doesn't want to eat 'little trees'...

Too funny you were seeing dust on the top of the wardrobe in the living room - I miss a lot of dust on upper level stuff because I don't have a stair stepper. ;) Typing and stair-stepping at the same time takes talent! :)

That sign is HILARIOUS!

Elle said...

My youngest won't touch anything that remotely resembles a fruit or a vegetable, You're so lucky!

I worked for a police dept. for a few years and you'd be surprised at how many dumb people would come to bail out their friends for their DUIs and they'd be drunk and get arrested too! Ah, I loved that job!

Happy RTT!

Mike said...

Yes, your thoughts are random if you collect them all week!

America gets a bad rap because we are the best! It is like in sports, people want to see the best teams falter. If I were in need, America is where I would turn.

I have no ideas what cockles are? LOL

I donated to the red cross. I am watching haiti coverage right now, it is terrible!

Captain Dumbass said...

Chavez can suck it. If the US is going to take over a country, wouldn't it make more sense to take one with lots of oil rather than dirt poor Haiti?

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I think I saw something online earlier that said the French were accusing us of trying to occupy Haiti...makes sense.

I think we should excuse your grammar mistake. After all, you were typing on a stair stepper!!!

Confessions of a Mother, Lawyer & Crazy Woman said...

LOVE the sign! Hysterical. Thanks for the laugh!

nkh said...

I love the typewriter wall hanging and have had it in a file to try but just haven't had the time or energy to tackle it yet. It's on blog by Susie Harris. Here is the link to the post. Enjoy.

Sandy said...

I'm seriously tired of others picking on the US. It's especially rude to military families like yours. If we are such a rotten country(agreed with have problems) why do so many from so many places want to come here??

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