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Friday, January 15, 2010

Donation update

And it's a no. Indy is devastated. Apparently the US gov't has not given permission for fund raising for Haiti on gov't property. Indy has already gotten some private donations and we are going to give that to the Red Cross (plus a healthy addition from us because he has such a good heart and good intentions). If you want to help though, please click the button at the top of my blog ^^^^^^^ to donate and enter for chances to win some awesome privately donated prizes. I've already donated and hope my readers will too.


Bonita said...

Gosh, seems Indy has more heart and action than the government. What a big heart!

For 20 years we've been supporting a particular ministry in Haiti that helps kids get an education. It's so sad to read about the devastation on their website. Basically, it's one big plea for help and donations. Their whole compound was damaged greatly, their cook was buried in a pile of rubble, many of their workers have lost their homes and everything else, and that was just the brief first report. Who knows what else they've discovered by now.

Rhona said...

Sorry to hear Indy didn't get to have his sale :( Will check out the button on your site next.

Katie @ said...

What an awesome guy! You must be proud, and I hate when lessons about government and organizational rules happen this way. At the same time, I hope Indy learns to keep fighting for what he believes in. Huge thumbs up to the little guy!

Sandy said...

Sorry, Indy. You found out sooner rather than later that adults don't always use common sense. Don't lose your compassion. You're a good guy!

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