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Friday, January 29, 2010

Dear So and So

Dear So and So...

Dear House,

Are you in league with Kat's house? Cause, I've been cleaning and cleaning and still you're a mess. I'm tired of it.


Dear Self,

Merely stacking the books to be returned to the library on the shelf by the front door does not equate to actually returning them to the library. It's great that you put them there, but you must remember to pick them up and carry them out to the car, drive to the library, take them out of the car and put them in the book return. It's not that hard. Take a lesson from Nike: Just do it! You're so lucky the library doesn't charge late fees.


Dear Snow,

Again? Really? I love you, but even this is getting to be a bit much. I'm tired of having to wear only boots because I don't want to ruin my pretty shoes in your slush.


Dear Skin,

I know it's cold and dry out there. I know the weather sucks. I've been lathering you with lotion (really good lotion at that) for weeks. Could you please soak it up a little bit more? I'm tired of the itching. I'm tired of feeling like my skin is a size too small. Yes, yes, I know the hot showers I like to take are part of the problem, but I'm not giving those up. Make it work!


Dear Jay Leno,

I don't blame you. This whole mess is not your fault (stupid NBC execs!) and I will support you as you move back to your original time slot.

Your fan,

Dear JD Salinger,

Thank you for your genius writing. Catcher in the Rye was a brilliant book that touched me on many levels. I've read it several times since my first read when I was about 14 and each time I find something new. You will be missed.



Miss Angie said...

Yeah, I would like the snow to go away here too... We're supposed to get another snow storm Sunday... Not fun.

Shell said...

Yuck on the dry, itchy skin!

I'm terrible at returning things to the library. Though, once, dh said that he was going to return some audiobooks we'd checked out for a roadtrip. He didn't and I found them in his car SEVEN MONTHS later. I owed over $140. Thankfully, they took pity on me and said if I paid $25, that would be okay.

Rachel said...

Dry skin... I understand. I also will NOT give up hot showers. Try Neutrogena Body Oil, or just plain baby oil, and put it on right before you get out of the shower. Then pat dry, and put lotion on over top. I promise, this will cure it :)

Missy said...

Love JD Salinger as well.

otin said...

I agree with you about Leno. He is just doing what is best for him. TV is a competitive market and Conan was not really drawing an audience. All that they asked of Conan was that he back up 30 minutes.

JennyMac said...

Love JD Salinger also. And your note to your self about your library books is cute.

Allison said...

Itchy skin :( hate it...I need some humidity!!!

Also hate getting electro-shocked every three seconds. boo for winter!

Laura said...

Dear winter,
We've had some fun this year, sledding with the kids, sledding to kindergarten, playing knee-deep in a snow-covered playground, throwing snowballs, watching my 4 year old clear the sidewalk.... but enough is enough! It's just too cold for this california girl. Let's start moving on to spring, please? Laura in Ludwigsburg

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