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Monday, March 30, 2009

The Adventures of Pocket Indy: Part 1

Have you ever been over to Lauren's Bite? No? Well, you totally should. She's cute and hilarious and loves Twilight. We could be BFF's. You know if she weren't soooo cute. And skinny. And lived in AZ. Anyhoo, she has her very own Pocket Edward (Cullen, of course) that goes on adventures. Edward is quite the little man. He even cooks for her. Cooks, people. Cooks! Ah what I wouldn't give to have Edward Cullen cooking for me. I'd like the life size version though. And even though I'm allergic to feather pillows I'd keep a few on hand in case he gets the urge to bite them. ;)
BTW, Pocket Edward has been kidnapped! Quelle Horror! I'm anxiously awaiting the post, so I can find out what happens!

We went to Schwetzingen about 2 weeks ago and Indy brought along a few of his Indiana Jones toys. I decided, while we were on the grounds of the palace that we could make our own Pocket Indy adventures! Huzzah! It was actually a lot of fun. Even M got in on it by being the official Indy Positioner. Not that PI (Pocket Indy) really needed help, but he wanted to make M feel included so, you know. Indy came up with where PI should explore, M positioned helped PI and I took photographic evidence of his adventure.

Here he is at the mouth of a tree cave. What could lie inside? Treasure? A temple? Probably a squirrel so we talked PI out of going.

We could not talk him out of scaling the Ivy though.

Wait....where did he go? Oh, PI, you're so good at camouflage!

He sees something. Over.........there! Careful PI!

This does not look safe. M tried to help him down, but PI was having none of it.


PI had to hold up a boulder to keep it from crushing....something. Look how strong he is! Hold on, PI! Hold on!


Fortunately, PI did not get crushed and ended up scaling the "mountain." He wanted us to follow.

Oh, there's more. Much, much more, but we'll save those adventures for another day. Maybe I'll get my own Pocket Edward and take them both along. Edward could be a huge help to Indy. He's fast, he can't get hurt, he can jump, he can see in the dark, he doesn't need to sleep, and he's quite a bit taller than Indy. Oh, imagine the possibilities.
I hope you enjoyed the silliness that this post was.


patty said...

too funny!
thanks for the smiles! :)

twin2trip said...

Oh hey there, Happy birthday Mom in high heels....

I really enjoy reading Lauren's blog as well. She is really funny. I even think her momma face is funny too. So are you a Twilight addict as well? Lauren doesn't live too far from me and is friends with my sister-in-law.

Anyway as far as Quinoa goes, I really use it in anything soups, salads. Do you like chicken salad because if you do it is really good mixed in. I even make it plain and just add a little sweetener and soymilk or milk and eat it for breakfast. My kids like it as well. I have a couple of good recipes if your interested. If so email me and I'll reply with the recipes.

Have a great day or night or whatever it is when you get this.


GUAMtastic said...

You are HILARIOUS!! Love it! And, happy belated birthday :)

Rachel said...

Just stopped in from SITS. Looks like you and I have some in common. I have 1 son and my husband is retired Air Force. Do you homeschool? Me too! I love pocket Indy... gotta get me one!

Clare said...

Popping over from SITS where I just joined. This gave me a lot of smiles. Thank you. Happy belated bday. Mine was on the 9th. 38 years old ancient. I have a 3 year old daughter and im a working mom. Groan. Come over and say hi. Im going to follow you and would love it if you would follow me. Clare x

Katie @ said...

All right, Mom w high heels. You are having far too much fun with this post. But that's okay because I love it!

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