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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

SPRING is in the air!

It’s in the air, people!  Spring!  How do I know?  I’ve started sneezing.    HUZZAH!  We had a “warm” day last weekend and went downtown.  Saturday is market day.  Look at these flowers:



Seriously, I wish you could smell this photo.  The tulips were so fragrant and there was enough of a breeze to carry the scent across the platz..








DSC_0059 (2)


And the biggest sign that spring is here is that the outdoor cafes are packed.  Look at all the people eating outside.  I should mention that “warm” was about 48 degrees.  It was really cold in the shade.  This is what people mean when they say Germans are “hardy.” 

DSC_0053 (2) 

Market days are awesome.  Fresh eggs?

DSC_0047 (2)


Perhaps some stinky kase (cheese)?

DSC_0054 (2)


Maybe Greek olives are more your thing.

DSC_0055 (2)


Fresh fruit?  We bought some clementines from them and they were so good.  Fresh from Spain and super juicy.

DSC_0056 (2)



DSC_0057 (2)

Look at these beautiful peppers.

DSC_0058 (2)


If you’ve got nothing better to do on a Saturday afternoon, why not grab a rack (or 2) of beer, go sit on the fountain and get ripping drunk.  Drunk enough to sing.  Loudly.  See Indy and M over there?  Yeah, we sat there and ate our yummy clementines until the drunk people (who were really friendly, BTW) decided to light up a few joints.  Not illegal here, but still not something we wanted to be around.

DSC_0061 (2)


Ah, spring!  You bring out the flowers, outdoor cafes and drunks.  Oh, and sneezes.  Ah-chooooo!


BTW, this post was written with Windows Live Writer.  It. Is. Awesome.  Thanks Southern Lady!


Allison said...

It was a nice day today...however I would prefer it to be about 10 degrees warmer :)

Walking around in the shade got a bit chilly...but at least it wasn't raining!!!

Lishak said...

Wow! Those flowers are gorgeous! What a lovely market to go to. :)

patty said...

i love to see the photos of another place... thanks for sharing! glad spring is on her way for you "hardy" folks in germany!

Dani said...

I found your blog through Making This Home and have enjoyed reading it. The market looks fabulous! I haven't been downtown on a Saturday morning yet, but I'll have to go to the market sometime soon.

Kim @ Forever Wherever said...

Beautiful photos! I wish I was there, for sure!

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