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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

RTT:The video heavy editon


11 weeks, Keely.  Eleven Weeks.  Why have you forsaken us?  You have time to get a feather in your hair, (for reals, peeps) but not host RTT?  Lame.  That's okay though because we've got Stacy to rebel with.  Rock on Stacy!

*In case yo didn't know, my beloved Johnny Depp is going to be staring in a new movie version of The Lone Ranger as Tonto. Sa-weet!  He's been attached to the project since 2008.  Make that damn movie already!

*Why do they call him The Lone Ranger if he's got Tonto? Doesn't that mean he's not alone.

*OMG, I started back on the 30 Day Shred and all I can say is OUCH.  Jillian Michaels is the devil.  De-vil!  I hate her.  A lot.  Damn her skinny self.

*Defy Authority, Feed the Pigeons

*It's a good thing we don't have CourtTV because I would watch the Casey Anthony trial all day. Seriously, I'm fascinated by the crazy things the defense has come up with.

*Anthony Weiner.  What a tool.  Anyone surprised he did it?  Yeah, me neither.

*Again, how is Robbie Williams not popular in the US????  I want to rock with you Robbie!  Be sure to watch until at least 1:55 (you won't regret it). Stop at 2:40 though because it gets weird after that. If I know Raven though, she'll like the weird. ;)


*And no, I didn't write (or sing this), but I totally should have, because, yes, this is exactly how I feel about my beloved Johnny Depp (really, you must listen to the lyrics):

*Indy and I went to see Kung Fu Panda 2 the other day and stood in line for 45 minutes.  We got to the register and they sold out.  !@#$%  Indy was crushed, but I promised to take him back tonight.  It's already night here and we just got back.  It. Was. Freaking. Awesome!  I actually think it was better than the first.  Shut the front door!  I know.  Visually, it was gorgeous.  We didn't see it in 3D, but it was still filmed in 3D and had depth!  If you haven't seen it, do so.  Ska-doosh!

*At least he has goal:

And that concludes today's RTT.  Go hit the button up top, show Stacy some love and then link your own RTT.  You know you want to.


Kristine said...

Robbie Williams? Yummmmm.

Let's just say I want to smear that man in pudding & make a porn movie. ;-)

French said...

Have a wonderful trip to Paris! I love the family pic and esp the blue gown!! xx's~ A

Toni said...

The Kiddo and I are saving our movie trip for Cars 2. We're excited!

I would like to know why Johnny Depp (Johnny Freakin' Depp) is playing the SIDEKICK in the Lone Ranger movie?! What the heck?!

OK, I'm done. Happy Tuesday!

Raven said...

No air conditioning??? I would so die! I hate the heat!

Love me some Johnny Depp though!

Thanks for the mention. :) That vid was a bit weird, but I liked it! lol

rockygrace said...

Oh, man, I thought for sure I was going to have sweet dreams about Robbie Williams tonight, until I watched past the 2:40 mark (yes, you warned me), and now it's gonna be nightmares. *sigh*

Seriously, how old is that dude? because he looks about twenty in that video, and I know that can't be right.

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