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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

RTT: So random I had to do it on a Wednesday


Bonjour mes amies!  We're back from the City of Lights and what a trip it was!  Indy and I had so much fun, despite the rain and cold (yes, COLD in June).  C'est la vie!  I've got lots of blog fodder from the trip, but that will come later.  First I have to do my RTT, but I'm a day late because all that having fun was exhausting and I needed yesterday to rest.  So, I'm really rebeling it up and doing it on a Wednesday.  How random am I?  I mentioned a few things last week before the trip that I'm going to elaborate on.  Are you ready? 

*Why is Wednesday spelled that way?  Or do we just pronounce it wrong because it's hard to say?

*Arf has created a little "Bat Cave" behind a curtain panel in the living room.  It's very odd.  The panel is behind a table and he drug a little blanket from his crate back there.  We didn't know what he was doing, but saw the curtains move every now and then.  One day I decided to investigate and found his blanket and a toy back there.  How weird is that?  Maybe he just needed a space of his own?  We call it his bat cave, but maybe we should call it a "dog cave" instead.

*Indy wrote a letter to the new general who now lives across the street form us.  LTG Hertling took over as the USAEUR (US Army Europe) commander from Indy's good friend General Ham (who is now the Africom Commander) back in March.  Indy decided he had to write a letter to welcome LTG Hertling to the "neighborhood."  He wrote him a very sweet letter and said that even thought LTG is a Cardinals fan and we are Cubs fans, Indy thought they could still be friends.  What a silly boy.  We took it over to drop it off, but the guards said they couldn't accept it and we had to wait for an aide-de-camp to come down from the house to get it.  What?  We had to wait FOREVER before the aide called down and told the guard just to take the letter, which is really what they should have done in the first place.  So, we drop off the letter and go on our merry little way.  Monday, I called James Bond from the train to tell him we were delayed (more on this later) and he tells me that LTG Hertling came to our door that afternoon looking for Indy!  He had a letter for him and wanted to meet him in person.  JB didn't recognize him!  To be fair, he wasn't in uniform and JB doesn't see him on a daily basis.  It wasn't until after the LTG left that JB realized who he was.  OMG, I laughed so hard.  The letter was very nice and agreed that even though Indy is a Cubs fan, they could probably be friends.  I'm sure there will be more to this story.  Stay tuned.

*Okay, my first ever problem with Amazon.  I was so mad I almost couldn't speak.  I ordered some Dr. Brown's pacifiers that specify "colors may vary."  AS there are 7 colors, I figured the odds were pretty high that I'd get a color I couldn't use.  I was wrong.  Of course we got pink.  This is the second time I've ordered something with "colors may vary" and gotten pink.  I didn't worry about the first item because it was something that would never leave the house and Han Solo doesn't care anyway.  A paci will likely leave the house and while I'm all for not stereotyping, I'm still not going to take him out with a pink paci.  I started a customer service chat on Amazon to see if there was any way I could get a different color.  The CSR comes on and I explain the problem.  Take a good look at the paci below and note the color.  Then read the rest.

Okay, got a good look?  So, here's a rough transcript of our convo:

Me:  The paci I received is pink and I have a boy.  Is there any way to trade it out for a different color.  It doesn't have to be blue, just not pink.
(a minute or two goes by)
CSR: That paci isn't available in pink
Me: Well, I'm holding a pink one in my hand and if you look at the item page, it shows a pink one in the second photo.
(another minute or two goes by)
CSR: It's not pink.
Me: Yes, it is, I'm looking at it.
CSR: It's not pink. It's magenta.
Me: Are you serious?
CSR: Yes, ma'am. It's not pink.
Me: What color is magenta?
CSR: Magenta.
Me: Okay, well then, I need one that is not MAGENTA, as I have a boy.
CSR: How can I help?
Me: Let me exchange the pink paci for a different color.
CSR: Again, it's not pink. It's magenta.

At this point I had to end the chat because I was so irritated. I started a new chat with a different CSR and asked for a phone number so I could talk to a person. You have to request a number as they don't post it on the website. I called and explained why I was so irritated and and the CSR apologized profusely and said the CSR should never have acted like that and promised they would ship me a new paci at no charge and that I could keep the pink one and use it at home or give it to someone with a baby girl (which I did). The new one came the other day. It was orange, which I can live with. I have to say this was an anomaly. I've been an Amazon customer since 96 or 97 and have always had excellent customer service experiences including a replacement Kindle in 3 days when James Bond's quit working. I gave the CSR's name (and apparently they have a record of the chats) so I'm hoping this person gets a stern talking to. Idiot.

Ugh, I've written a ton, so I'll stop.  I've got more randoms but I don't want to send you into a coma.  I have one more thing though!  A few weeks back I told you about a Mike & Ike candy I found that looked like a penis and promised a photo.   Here you go:

So, that's my RTT, on a Wed.  Better late than never, right????


Kristine said...

I think it's pink too. Magenta to me is just hot pink. CSR sounded rude to me. Hope she gets tuned up.

Captain Dumbass said...

Europe to Africa? That sounds like a hell of a demotion.

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