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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

RTT: Royals, Preidents and Mars


*It seems like all my thoughts are random lately. I think the strangest things. Probably because I have a person growing inside me. Isn't that weird? I mean, I know I've done this before, but it still kind of freaks me out to know that there is a whole person inside my body.

*The other day in the commissary (military grocery store) I was standing patiently in the health and hygiene aisle, waiting for Indy to pick out his bubble bath (You'd think this wouldn't take much thought, but you'd be wrong.  So wrong.) and glanced over at the "Family Planning" section (which really means condoms because, well, that's all they stock, but "Family Planning" sounds classier I guess) and had a strange thought.  Do they make condoms in a size small or medium?  If so, do men really buy them?  All the commissary had was large and extra-large (which makes me laugh) and it occurred to me that if they don't  make small and medium, then wouldn't large really be small and extra large really be large?  Seriously, it took the boy forever to pick out his Mr. Bubble scent.

*I feel like I should make a viral video.  Maybe I'll work on that.

*My dogs have to get shots today.  I'm so not looking forward to it.  The shots aren't the issue, it's the car ride there and back.  OMG, they are so loud in a car!

*Scientists apparently want the US to colonize Mars with older astronauts who will not be coming back.  It's a one way trip!  I'm not seeing a lot of astronauts volunteering for this.    I can think of a few people *I* know that I'd like to volunteer for the trip though.  You think NASA is taking suggestions?

*Every time I see a military homecoming on the news (or in person) I tear up.  It's so emotional.

*Is it weird that I'm kind of excited about Prince William and Kate Middleton getting engaged?  I really like weddings and remember getting up super early in 1981 to watch Charles and Diana's (though I hope the results are better for Wills and Kate-I call them that.  We're tight.).   It's not often you get to watch a royal wedding, and this should be fun.  Especially since we should be in a better timezone to watch.

*Also, not that I mean the Queen any harm, but I'd really like to see a coronation.  Poor Charles, I don't see him getting the crown any time soon.  I think the Queen might secretly have been replaced by a robot.  Probably Prince Phillip too.

*I am so happy that GW is out promoting his book.  I don't care what you say about his politics, I have missed GW.  I have missed his crazy little laugh with the shoulder shaking.  I've missed his voice and pronunciation.  Obama is too articulate and specific when he talks.  He needs to learn to say 'Merica!

*I think I might need a Kindle intervention.  I've had it for about 3 weeks now and it's practically glued to me.  I love this thing.  If you are a reader and don't have one, get one!  They will change your life.  James Bond is concerned for my sanity and my eyesight.  That's the cool thing about the Kindle though: no eye strain! 

*There's only 2 weeks until the European Christmas markets open!  I'm ridiculously excited.  Why, you might ask?  No, not for the holiday gifts and hand made items that can be bought.  Not for the Christmas-y feeling you get when you go there.  Not for the carols or ornaments or Gluhwein (hot spiced wine).  I'm excited for the kartoffelpuffers!  Oh, delicious, yummy kartoffelpuffers!  They're a sort of potato pancake, deep fried and served with apple sauce or Tzaziki sauce (my personal preference).  My mouth is watering just thinking about it!  Delicious!

Okay, I'm done for now.   I'll leave you with this, because it's my kind of gym:

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Stacy Uncorked said...

Sounds like Indy takes as long to make a decision as Princess Nagger does... ;) Too funny there were no medium or small - wonder if the large and extra-large are really small and medium? ;)

I SO need to get a Kindle - though I bet I'd have to have a Kindle intervention, too. I'm still going to add it to my birthday list. ;)

RTT: B-Day Fun, Technology and Parenting Fail

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Fun post!! I watched Oprah's interview with GW and it was great. I thought he did a good job of explaining the reasons behind his decisions. He does have a great sense of humor, and I LOVED seeing him with his parents.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a Kindle but as mentioned in my RTT post, I got the ipod app and yes, I have a serious addiction to it!

Denny P 3 said...

As a man, I will tell you that the size thing is an ego thing. Of course there are only the two sizes, but to be told that you wear a "small" condom, would destroy the male ego in ways that can not be put into words. That is why large and extra large are used. That's just my opinion though.
I also am looking into a kindle. Christmas can't get here soon enough!

Keely said...

I swear I've seen at least a Medium. Maybe I just had the same thought process though.

That's my kind of gym. Heh.

Hanna said...

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Have a peek at my giveaways if you stop by. Everything is handmade and gorgeous!

Mama Badger said...

There was an article in the WSJ a few weeks ago about condom size. I guess the rate of STDs in India is pretty high. They attribute it to Indian men not being able to find condoms that fit properly. The American made ones are too large. Hmmmm.

Julie from Momspective said...

If you make a viral video maybe South park will steal it and you can sue them :)

Michele Feltman Strider said...

a) I want to be in your viral video.

b) My husband told me he wants to volunteer for the one way Mars trip. Hmmm...

c) You are the third person to mention Gluhwein this week. What gives?

Satakieli said...

Technically Charles shouldn't be heir to the throne anymore and it SERIOUSLY bothers me that he is. You should hear the strain in my voice when I try to explain to people that he's breaking the rules.

Anyway, I much prefer William. I think him and Kate would make a good king and queen... we need some young blood in there really.

family of 4 on the move! said...

Ohhhhh I am sooo excited for the royal wedding!! Squeeeeeeee!!! Is it weird that I want to fly to London and camp out there for a few months just in hopes of being able to see it first hand?!!

Christmas markets are fabulous and I only hope I can get to as many as possible this year. I want a HUGE gingerbread man and a cup of hot cocoa!! mmmmmmmmmmm

Oh and hey can I put a name on the voluntold list for mars?!! :)

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