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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

RTT: Movies, dogs, stuff


Oh, RTT! I haven't been with you in several weeks now. I've thought about you, but just couldn't get my act together enough to actually join in. Why? Because I've had crazy pregnant brain, and while my thoughts are random, I can't quite seem to form a were we talking about?

*We had so much fun at Halloween. Star Wars was really big this year over here. I'm not sure why. There were tons of Darth Vader, Luke and Anikin Skywalker, Obi-Wan, a couple of Boba Fett,two Jengo Fett, and storm/clone troopers galore, but only one (very handsome) Han Solo.

*Coco is fitting in very well with the family.  Okay, Dutch and Arf may have something to say about that, but with the humans, she's great.  The first few nights we had her, she snuggled up to James Bond, but much to his distress, she has abandoned him in favor of me.  She likes to get under the blankets and snuggle up against my stomach.  I wonder if she knows I'm pregnant?

*I was complaining to my mom one day about pregnant brain.  Here's our conversation:

Me: I can't remember anything! It's driving me crazy.
Mom: Why?
Me: You know, pregnant brain.
Mom: Huh?
Me: Pregnant brain! When you're pregnant, you know how you can't remember anything? I have it bad.
Mom: I don't remember having that when I was pregnant with you.
Me: Point made.

*Indy wants to call the baby "Mutt" on my blog. As in Mutt, from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.  I had to put my foot down on that.  We still don't know what to call him (on the blog-he has a name IRL).

*I can't believe this year is almost over!  Where did it go?

*I got a Kindle last week!  My mom and step-dad bought it for me for Christmas.  It arrived and they told me I could go ahead and have it.  Thanks goodness, because there is no way I could have put it away for another month and a half.  IT. IS. AWESOME!!!!!  I've already read 3 books on it and there is zero eye strain!  Best. Christmas. Gift. Ever.

*Harry Potter 7 part 1 comes out in the States soon.  We won't get it for another week or two after it opens in the States and then I'll have to fight all the teen agers (who aren't true fans) to get tickets.  Curses!

*WHY do I have to wait ANOTHER year for Breaking Dawn (part 1) to come out?  I'm having some serious Edward withdrawls.  WTH?  I want it now!

*Coco and Arf both like to sleep up on the back of the sofa like cats.   She would snuggle with him, but he won't let her that close.  Maybe it's because she snores.

*I love to decorate for the various holidays (can't wait for the Christmas season to roll around!), but I hate taking it all down afterward.  Blah.  Someone should start an undecorating service, where they come take down all your holiday stuff.  I would pay for that!

*Oh, oh!  James Bond is super awesome and told me to hire some cleaning help!  Huzzah!  Indy and I do school work in the mornings and by afternoon I am beat!  I do the usual cleaning up (dishes, picking up, etc), but the deep cleaning has really been relegated to the back burner over the last few months).  I hired a guy named Clover, who came for the first time last week and he is amazing.  He might be my new favorite person.  He scrubbed the bathroom and kitchen top to bottom, swept and mopped, vacuumed and dusted the entire house and wiped down all the baseboards and cabinets.  And all for a very, very reasonable price.  He's coming again this week and then after that, every 2 weeks.  Yay!

*The dogs like to "burrito" me in at night.  Dutch sleeps on top of the blankets pressed against my leg (knee to foot).  Arf sleeps under the top blanket (he bites if you disturb him in his sleep, so he's not allowed under all the blankets) pressed against my hip (usually on the opposite side of Dutch).  Coco sleeps under all the blankets, but on top of the top sheet, pressed up against my stomach.  The other night I tried to roll over and couldn't!  They had trapped me.  James Bond had to move them so I could roll.  How sad is that?

* And finally, you've been warned.  Do it, and you're in trouble.

*Oh, no, wait.  One more.  Since Indy was such an awesome Han Solo, I'll leave you with this.  We found it while researching the holster for his gun (I made it out of an old belt and 2 old purses from the thrift shop).  This made me laugh.  Enjoy:

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Sarah said...

That's so cute how Coco sleeps next to your belly. Beni has been extra close to me for the past few months, but he hasn't done anything as adorable as that!

If your cleaning guy will do a PCS clean, I would like his info. I am not going to get into all of that with a newborn. No way. Call me a wimp, but I know myself, and I'll probably have a breakdown if I'm sleep deprived and forced to clean every inch of our apartment.

I'm jealous of your early Christmas present. We've asked John's family for a Kindle for us this year. I'm crossing my fingers! A friend got one from her husband shortly after having her first baby a few months ago and she says it's particularly awesome while breastfeeding because she only needs one hand to read. :)

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