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Sunday, November 7, 2010


First, I want to thank you all for the congratulations that have been pouring in since my last post.   You're all too sweet.  I should also say (because I was asked), that no, this was not planed at all, and yes, we were completely shocked and surprised.  I promise that my blog will not become all about pregnancy and babies.  I know you come here for my charm and rapier wit (and occasional rhapsodies about shoes), and that will continue despite the fact that I apparently have an Olympic gymnast doing an elaborate routine inside my body cavity.  Today, though I do want to chat about pregnancy.  More specifically the cravings that come with pregnancy.
When I was pregnant with Indy, I didn't have many cravings, just some weird food issues.   I spent several weeks unable to eat anything hot.  Not that I couldn't eat cooked food, I just had to wait for it to get cold.  It drove James Bond crazy.  I also drank gallons of chocolate milk.  I have no idea why, but I HAD to have it.  We went through so much milk and chocolate syrup it was kind of ridiculous.  Toward the end of my pregnancy, I ate so many blackberries it's a wonder I didn't turn purple.  I was lucky that they happened to be in season and growing wild along the paths that wound behind our housing complex.  James Bond and I would go for a walk and come back with grocery bags full of them (and I may have come home with a wildly purple tongue, but that's kind of all a blur).

This time, I only went through a (mercifully) short phase of eating my food cold and taking a bite of something only to discover that something I normally loved made me queasy.  Being pregnant is WEIRD.  For the past several weeks, I have wanted fruit.  Fruit, fruit, fruit!  Any kind of fruit: grapefruit, mangoes, plums, cherries, strawberries, you name it.  If it's a fruit, I want it.  My absolute favorite though is clementines.  Oh, sweet, sweet, little clementines!  I sat down one day and ate an entire 2lb bag of them (thank goodness they are crazy low in calories and I have treadmill).  I buy them every time I go to the store and they only last a day or two at most.  James Bond is a HUGE fan of clementines, and I have to make myself NOT give him the stink eye every time he eats one.  In my mind I think How could you eat that?  You know I'm pregnant and love them!  You hate me, don't you?  Then I calm myself down and remember that he has to eat too.  Or something.  Fortunately, clementines are good for me, so it's not such a bad craving, I guess. Side note, I had to pause in typing this post to go eat 4 clementines.  YUMMY!

Tomatoes are another strange craving.  Mmmmmmm.....tomatoes.  Maybe I really need lycopene?  I don't know, but there have been evenings where I couldn't stomach the thought of whatever I had made for James Bond and Indy for dinner, that my entire meal consisted of sliced tomatoes followed by several clementines.  Delicious!

My other craving though, is sooooo not good, but I can't help myself (just looking at the photo makes my mouth water-seriously).  It started back before Halloween, when I bought several bags of candy to hand out to the little goblins who would come looking for goodies.  I picked up a bag of Willy Wonka Mix-ups, that included Nerds, Sweettarts and Bottle Caps.  Oh, sweet, yummy, bottle caps!  Before Halloween had rolled around I had eaten every little 3 pack included in the bag.  At one point I was so desperate I went to the store to pick up another bag only to find that they had sold out.  I almost cried.  On Halloween night, Indy went through his candy bucket and pulled out all the little packets of Bottle Caps he'd gotten and gave them to me (is there any wonder I adore that boy?)  Unfortunately, I can't find them anywhere over here.  I even tried to buy some from Amazon (I'm desperate here people!) only to find that they won't ship them to an APO (Army Post Office) address.  WHY AMAZON?  WHY???  Do you hate pregnant women?  Do you???  I thought about sending them to my mom and having her ship them to me, but the cost of that could become insane.  My mom and step-dad (bless them) even went store hopping to find some for me, but couldn't.  I am awash in sadness.  Whatever shall I do??

Don't those look delicious?  :(


Tracey said...

Oh, I can so relate!! I started out all four of my pregnancies wanting any kind of juicy fruit! I would eat three large oranges in one sitting! Then it moved onto yohoo's, lastly, it was anything that had the texture of a slurpee! Good Luck, very happy for you! Thank you for your kind comments you left on my blog!!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

This is a cute post. Sounds like you are quite normal and the pregnacy is coming along just perfect. Enjoy. Hugs, Marty

instant student said... does ship to Germany though. Just ordered a textbook there. Maybe you know somebody with a German address?

Or you could find something similar in a German store?
I tried to look it up, but couldn't tell if they are hard or soft candy. Otherwise I might be able to give you some hints of what to try.

Nikki said...

All I could eat for the first half of my pregnancy was popcorn and sauteed (sp?) onions with green chiles. Then I found out that I has Gestational Diabetes and had to start eating you know, real food.

Sarah said...

Like you, I craved fruit like crazy all through the beginning of my pregnancy. Around week 14, I started to diversify my tastes again, but geez...early on, fruit is one of the only things I could stomach.

Andrea said...

I used to live in Germany and the UK, so I feel your pain in locating items. I have ordered the Bottle caps from Blair's Candy in the past with success. They are on the internet. They come in the rolls instead of the packets. We live in So Cal now, and I actually saw some rolls at a convenience store one day--I bought three :) Good luck!

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