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Monday, November 15, 2010

Dear So and So: the Monday, really irritated edition

Dear So and So is usually done of Friday, but I've missed the last few, and honestly, I really need it today, so bear with me.

Dear So and So...

Dear PFC Loudmouth:

Not every person in the food court is interested in your conversation. We don't care how drunk you got. We don't care how "off the chain" the bar was or how hot the "German chick" was. I certainly didn't want Indy hearing how "totally sweet" what a moron you are.  I was 8 tables away (yes, I counted) and could hear you as if you were sitting across from me. Take it down a notch or two.  Or ten.  Better yet, why dont' you just shut up?  Idiot. 


Dear Vehicle Registration Office:

That wait time of "approximately 25 minutes" you posted on my number slip was a joke.  JOKE.  We arrived at 10:55am and my number wasn't called until 12:10pm!  That's an hour and 15 minutes of wait time.   25 minutes my arse.  My total time at the counter was less than 10 minutes, yet cost me $45 to renew my registration.  I should have charged you for all the time I lost while sitting there.  Do you know how much school work we could have gotten done?  My time is valuable and you wasted a whole lot of it today.  You'll be getting my bill.

Annoyed and $45 poorer,

Dear Lady in line at Taco Bell,

Do you really need to ask the cashier what is in every freaking item on the menu?  It's Taco Bell, not fine dining.  The basic ingredients are beans, cheese, meat and grease in various combinations.  Order your burrito and get out of the way.  Some of us are hungry and crabby and just want to get our portion of beans, cheese and grease (no meat for me) without having to listen to you hem and haw and debate over what you are going to order.  You stood in line for 10 minutes.  You couldn't have figured it out while waiting?

Annoyed and hungry,

PS. Taco Bell, your lines are too long.  You'll be getting a bill for my time too.  Sheesh!

Dear Doctor's Office,

You are the worst!  You wasted more of my time today than the vehicle reg. and Taco Bell line put together.  I am very angry with you over this.  When I make an appointment, I expect to be seen within a reasonable amount of time of said appointment.  I'm not expecting you to be there on the dot (though I might note my German OB is incredibly punctual and once he even had to leave to deliver a baby and still managed to see me within 15 minutes of my scheduled appointment time), but within an hour would be nice.  If you can't see people within an hour of their appointment time, you need to look at how many bookings you have in a day.    I have better things to do than sit around in a waiting room with sick people who are hacking up a lunch and spewing germs all over me (I am not sick, just dealing with a medication/pregnancy issue, and don't appreciate the possibility that I might get sick from someone else).  It was like a germ bath in there and you made me sit and stew in it for AGES.  Ack.  If I get sick, I'm holding you responsible.

Very annoyed and in need of a Lysol bath,

PS. Indy is coughing now.  If he gets sick, you are in serious trouble!

Dear Weather,

Make up your freaking mind already!  Is it going to be warm or cool?  This whole back and forth thing is really starting to wear on my nerves and I don't know how to dress from day to day.  And what's with the rain today?  My hair actually looked good before I went outside.  Thanks a lot.

Annoyed and drippy,

Dear New (pregnancy safe) Happy Medication,

If you could start working right away, everyone would appreciate it.  Especially James Bond, Indy and all the people I have to come in contact with.

Annoyed and slightly irritable,

Dear Readers,

Thanks for listening.  Even though it's not Friday, I really needed to get that off my chest.  I now return you to your regularly scheduled High Heeled goodness.

Lovingly (and not annoyed with you),

Man, I feel much better!   Thanks Kat


Allison @ I heart Change said...

Wait wait wait wait. Your OB delivered a baby AND saw you within 15 minutes of your appointment time? Whoa.

It does seem like most of that stuff just drains your time, doesn't it?

family of 4 on the move! said...

Sorry you had such a crappy day! I totally agree the weather is getting Ridiculous!!! I hope the new meds make you feel like a princess on a cloud!! All prego women should feel that way every day..ok that's my wish anyway!!

Taco Bell ALWAYS has an annoyingly long line! You would think they would do something about that eventually.

Haven't had issues with vehicle reg yet but I guess I will find out in a few months..wish me luck!! lol

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