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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Random Thoughts Tuesday!

Random Tuesday! Huzzah! Don't know what RTT is? Are you new here? RTT is the day I get to empty my brain of all the random things rattling around for you enjoyment. Feel free to comment and follow me. That's right, I'm that shallow. Validate me!


*I'm sick of hearing how sad it is that Chicago didn't get the Olympics. Get over it.

*Indy and I went to IKEA today! YAY!!!! They're putting out all the Christmas stuff! WHAT? I'm not even ready for Halloween and now I have to start thinking about Christmas. I'm thinking of doing a red and white theme this year.

*Do you ever wonder how people invent things? Like the tampon (yeah, yeah, get over it). How did Dr. Haas come to think that up? I mean, really.

*I went to the doctor last week about my foot and it turn out I have plantar fasciitis in my left foot. OUCH! I told my doctor I wasn't giving up my heels. He laughed and said I didn't need to, but I do have to wear inserts in them (to support my ridiculously high arch). What am I going to do when it's sandal season again?????

*What's the big deal about year round schooling? Most of the world does it. Why not the US?

*Americans are such whiners. I'm including myself here. The rest of the world is like, suck it up you wusses.

*R. Buckminster Fuller invented the geodesic dome. His first name was Richard, yet he went by Buckminster or "Bucky." I'm not sure I'd make that choice if it were my name. Just sayin.

*The Halloween candy at the store mocks me.

*The weather has turned really cool here. I had to put a sweater on Arf. He shivered all day. Poor baby.

*What is going on in Afghanistan?

*The Ancient Egyptian week had 10 days.

*I read somewhere that on a Canadian two dollar bill, the flag flying over the Parliament building is an American flag. Can any Canadians confirm or deny this for me?

*I wonder why the $2 bill didn't catch on in America?

*And finally:

Head over to Kat's to check out all the randomness.


Anonymous said...

I wonder all the time how people invent things. The tampon is a great example! And can you imagine the first person to try one out? "You want me to put that WHERE?????"

I also wonder who thought to eat some foods. Like who was the first person to look at a chicken and say, "You know those things that chicken keeps leaving all over? I bet they would be tasty if we cooked the insides in some grease!"

Anonymous said...

Oh and I can't get to or the other site from here. :( Guess I'll have to give my AppleTV a try (and actually PAY for new shows).

Frau said...

I have plantar fasciitis too! I swear it's from walking on all the cobble stone here. I know they are not high heels and probably not your style but I just walked all over Barcelona 61 miles in my FitFlops and just bought their Fitflop clogs. I love them! We don't have Halloween candy here in Bremen but we have xmas candy out already!

The Crazy Coxes said...

Great random!!!

No to year round school.
How about no to school.
I like long summers with day after day of nothingness and no stupid AP classes and calculus classes that make my kids whine.

And yeah, how was it that a MAN invented the tampon? They say inventors "see a need." I don't want to even know!

Yankee Girl said...

I'm tired of all the Chicago whiners as well, and I live in Chicago.

Did people really think it would happen? Illinois is quickly becoming one of the most corrupt states, people think Daley is corrupt, and don't even get me started on Blagoevich. We are getting too much bad press right now for something like the Olympics to happen here.

Margaret aka: Fact Woman said...

I wish our Ikea was going to be open this year. They carry the cutest Christmas stuff.

I hate whiners!

Hope your foot feels better!

satakieli said...

Weren't tampons invented by the egyptians? I think they used to use reeds or something. Yuck.

Ah, retail. I remember when I worked at Habitat (owned by the same guy as IKEA) having to unpack the christmas stuff in october, basically as soon as the summer stuff got put away. Although I'm going to IKEA next week and we do need to officially start the family christmas decor collection...

Emily said...

I love year round schooling....I totally wish we had it!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Aaaaahhhhh!!!! That sign is hilarious!!!!

JennyMac said...


And I hope your foot feels better. I hurt my knee and it is killing my workouts. It is amazing how much we take our parts for granted until they hurt!!!

Anne said... this is for the canadian dollar story!! FALSE of course!! ;-)

Trac~ said...

I'm not from Chicago, (my husband and his family are though) but feel the same way as you - they just need to LET.IT.GO. Sorry to hear about your foot pain - you are a brave woman - if I can get OUT of wearing high heels then I do - I HATE those things and ONLY wear them when I HAVE to and only out of necessity! HA! Love the picture of the sign - TOO FUNNY! :o)

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