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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Random Thoughts Tuesday! The can't sleep edition


Let's not talk about how much I love RTT today (even though I totally do) and get right to it, shall we?

I was really tired last night, but for some reason, my brain wouldn't shut off and allow me to go to sleep (don't you hate that?) and here are a few things I thought about:

*After yesterday's post about Christopher Columbus, I wondered what the US would be called if it had been named after him instead of Amerigo Vespucci. Isn't that an odd thing to think about? Anywho, I came up with these: The United States of Columbia (boy wouldn't that be confusing if you ran into a person from the South American country of Columbia?), The United States of Columbus (doesn't exactly roll off the tongue) or (and my personal favorite) The United States of Columbo. Of course then our national costume would be a trench coat and and we'd all walk around pretending to be slow witted...wait, we already...never mind.

*It annoys Germans that we (Americans) say that we're "American." In their view (correctly so, I have to admit), everyone from North, Central and South America are "Americans" but they all have specific names for themselves (Canadian, Mexican, Brazilian, etc), whereas we, in our arrogance, claim the whole shebang. I wonder what we could call ourselves? I suppose we could call ourselves North Americans, but that might tick off the Canadians being that they too are from North America. Not that we couldn't take them in a fight (don't be mad Canada, you know it's true), but we love Canadians cause they're so cool and say eh a lot. And have you been to Montreal or Quebec? Gorgeous and very Euro chic. If not Northern Americans, what? United Statians? United Staters? USers? What? What would it be????

*Bourbon is the official spirit of the US. Did you know that? I'm so not a fan of bourbon. How unAmerican of me.

*Snails can sleep for 3 years without food. Lucky little b@astards.

*The average sleeper swallows eight spiders in a lifetime at night. The average person also consumes about a pound of insects in a lifetime. OMG! I'm never sleeping again.

*We ordered Chinese for dinner tonight (remember we are 7 hours ahead of the Eastern Time Zone) and the delivery guy had to wait for me outside the gates (they're not allowed on post). The guards stopped him and asked questions before I walked up and said that I had ordered from him. I paid and got my yummy, yummy food and turned to walk home when he called to me, threw his arms wide, gesturing to the fences and guards and asked "Where's the freedom?"

*I'm thinking of painting my toenails purple.



Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Go for the purple!! I found the perfect shade of that dark grape color that's so popular right now....OPI. I love it.

I could change my wardrobe...or I could make very very clear that if she ever makes me a peep show in Panera again she'll wish she hadn't. I like my leggings. ;)

Good sign. :)

GUAMtastic said...

You are hilarious... snails? 3 years? Who knew!?!?

otin said...

You are concerned about the 8 spiders and you eat chinese food?? haha!

The whole Amerigos Vespucci thing is actually not a historic fact. They have kind of ruled out America being named for him. I just looked this up a while back. Google it and let me know what you find, I am curious!

BeautifulWreck said...


Love that sign pic.

Margaret aka: Fact Woman said...

UhGGGG! Swallowing spiders. I'm never going to close my eyes! Shuddering.
Purple toes rock.

Design it Chic said...

OMG swallowing spiders and eating pounds of insects?!? what kind of crazy poll was that??? if it's true, then I'll sign up for non-sleepers club too:) And purple is hot! good choice!
Darn it.. is it freezing cold your way too?? it's 3Celsius in here and i hope it's not gonna go lower.
Happy Random!

JennyMac said...

bourbon? Oh, no thanks. Vodka? Red wine? Can't that be our official beverage? LOL.

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