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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

RTT: Anniversaries and DWTS



Let's not chat. Let's just do this.

*Today is the first day of spring. It has started warming up in Germany. For me this means I will soon be holed up inside my house, high on allergy meds with swollen eyes, a drippy nose (bonus, it will also be red and raw from all the wiping and blowing), and screeching like a banshee every time someone opens a door too long because they will be letting the evil pollen in. Don't you envy my family? James Bond is a lucky, lucky man.

*Speaking of James Bond, Sunday was our 17th anniversary. Yep, 17 years and I haven't killed him yet. Or he me. Though if he were to kill me, I'm pretty sure no one would ever find the body and thanks to my allergy issues, no one would likely miss me for months and months. I'm just sayin. Wow, that went off on a tangent.

*The army apparently hates our anniversary. How do I know? Because they keep sending JB away so that we cannot spend it together. We've now been apart 9 out of 17 anniversaries (and he wasn't even in the army for our 1st). He will be gone for number 18 too. I suppose I should be glad that he didn't actually leave until the morning of this anniversary, so I at least got to see him for about an hour. I suppose we could have seen each other longer if we'd gotten up earlier, but um, sleep! Hello? After having kids I have learned the value of sleep.

*Speaking of anniversaries, tomorrow is James Bond's Army-versary. He will be in for 16 year! Holy cow!

*Apparently Hong Kong has the most Rolls Royce's per capita. Perhaps I should move there.

*Indy is so into Dancing with the Stars. He's pulling for Sherri Shepard because he knows her from The View. That's right, Indy watches The View.

*Jack Wagner is still kind of hot. From a distance. Close up HD does nothing for him.

*The first coast-to-coast telephone line was established in 1914. Just thought you should know.

*Indy is in to pretty much ALL competition reality shows. His favs are America's Got Talent and The Amazing Race. He was sooo excited that AR was in Germany this week. He got quite upset that they didn't really understand much German and didn't know that Neuschwanstein was the "Cinderella" castle. He rolled his eyes and said "Everybody knows that!" He was practically jumping up and down when they were actually AT Neuschwanstein. He kept yelling "I've been there! I stood right there! I walked up that road!" It was pretty cute.

*Sherri Shepard is hilarious. She was so funny in One for the Money. If you haven't seen that, you should.

*I read that elephants are the only animals that can't jump.  Think that's true?

*Sometimes I'm doing something on my laptop, I hit the mousepad the wrong way and my view starts zooming in or out and I have NO IDEA how I did it, so fixing it is a PITA.  I can do it accidentally, but when I TRY to do it, no dice.

*Melissa Gilbert.  How much did every kid in the late 70's/early 80's love Little House on the Prairie?

*Han Solo loves to "dance."  Last night we were dancing around the living room and he was laughing so hard I thought he was going to lose his dinner.  It didn't help that Indy was also dancing around (that's a sight to see) singing "Go [Han Solo], go [Han Solo], go [Han Solo], get you're groove on, uh-huh, get your groove on, shake your money maker, get your groove on."  Clearly we have problems.

*Apparently the US spends $203 million dollars a year on barbed wire.  I can believe that.  I think half the money is spent on all the barbed wire that surrounds the building where James Bond works.  It's a scary looking building.  What does he do?  I'm not entirely sure, to be honest.  Weird, eh?

*How hot is William Levy????  Let me give you a little eye candy:

You want to watch DWTS now, don't you?

*Dear lord.  Literally:

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Seriously Shawn

Have a great day!  Tchuss!


Stacy Uncorked said...

My best friend has allergies that knock her for a loop every spring - sorry you'll be suffering too!

Happy (belated) Anniversary! Bummer you have spent more anniversaries apart than together...I bet you make up for it at other times, right? ;)

Happy Army-versary to James Bond! Thank him for his service! :)

I love Sherri Shepard - I don't watch DWTS, but maybe I'll have to catch it with Sherri on... and the man candy. ;)

That church sign is so true! :)

Groundhog Hypothesis, Menopausal Mother Nature, Truancy and the Phone Princess

Impulsive Addict said...

Oh no. I typed a whole freaking book and then I had to type that blasted word verification at the bottom and it deleted my whole comment. So....I'll be shorter and sweeter this time.

Happy Anniversary! I'm sorry that you don't get to see the Mr. for most of them and I really do understand the importance of sleep and I only have one child.

Jack still has it in him to be hot but you know who has me drooling? Mr. Hotty McHotty in that picture. WOW. He's niiiiice.

And please tell me that sign is NOT real. Like maybe you found it online and someone has tampered with it? If it's real, that's some funny shiz.

I liked the comment that you left for me today. I need to respond. I'm behind but what's new. Thanks for linking up with us! You've got some good stuff here my friend!

Please turn word verification off! Please? Im begging!

Shawn said...

Happy anniversary to you and you hubby and please tell him thank you for his service over the last 16 years!

Jack Wagner? From a soap in the late 80's and Heather L's boyfriend? He was hot, where are you seeing him now. DWLS? I hope I haven't missed it, I love that show!

Who is William Levy and is he legal? If not lets hope he's in my daughter demographics...

Thanks for linking up with us!

Scooper said...

Hi! Random Thoughts Tuesday--I love it. Maybe I can remember to think random thoughts on a Tuesday. : ) Okay and that church sign? I've seen a lot of awful ones but that takes the cake!!! So wrong on so many levels.

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