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Friday, March 16, 2012

The Naughty Leprechauns are coming!

I usually post about this after it happens, but I get a ton of comments on how people wish I'd done it earlier. Your wish has been granted!
Every year, the night before St. Parick's Day, the Naughty Leprechauns visit our house and wreak all sorts of havok. Indy looks forward to their visit almost as much as Santa. Of course they have to think of new stuff to do every year, which is quite difficult. In the past they've done the following:
Made a fort with the sofa cushions
Tipped over all the dining room chairs
Thrown all of Indy's clean socks and underwear on the floor
Turned the eggs green
Turned the milk green
Turned the toilet water green (for some reason thus is Indy's favorite and a must do every year)
Rigged it so that when Indy opened his bedroom door green confetti fell all over him (this was poorly thought out by the leprechauns as it was a mess and we were cleaning up confetti for weeks-they will not do that again!)
Opened all the cabinets and drawers in the kitchen and bathroom
Hung green streamers in front of Indy's door (so many you couldn't see the door)
Stolen toys from Indy's room and set them up in an elaborate display on the dining room table
Used Playmobil Roman and Egyptian chariots from Indy's room to have what we believe was a crazy chariot race around the living room

Of course it's not all mischief. The leprechauns also leave behind trinkets, gold wrapped chocolate coins and GREEN dollar bills. It's no wonder Indy looks forward to this! The biggest problem the leprechauns have is finding new and exciting mischief to get into every year. What will they do this year? Who knows?!?

BTW, I'm blogging from my iPhone so if it's kind of crazy, well, now you know why.


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