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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

RTT:Ticker Tape and Grammy's


Happy Valentine's Day gentle readers!  I thought about doing an all V-Day RTT, but how much can you write about that?  Not much. 

*I am obsessed with Faberge Easter Eggs. You know, the ones commissioned by the Russian royal family in the late 1800-early 1900's? I could look at them all day. Last week I spent the better part of a day looking at them online.

*Last week NYC threw a ticker tape parade for the NY Giants. Do you think they used real ticker tape? If so, where did they get it? How many people even know what ticker tape is anymore? FTR, I do.

*The term 'bug', when referring to computers or software, dates back to when computers were huge, hulking machines that took up entire rooms. Moths and other flying insects would wander into the machinery and get caught in sensitive parts, causing errors.

*I saw these boots on Amazon.  They frighten me:

BTW, they are ON SALE for a mere $206.  Down from $268.  If you buy these boots I'm afraid we can no longer be friends.

*I will be writing the makers of IcyHot a strongly worded letter.  I pulled a muscle in my back the other day (that makes me feel so old!) and got an IcyHot patch to put on it.  It was cool at first, then it got so cold it was like needles.  It never got warm though.  Never.  IcyHOT.  Where is the hot????

*While I do think it's horrible that Whitney Houston died, I can't believe how many people were "shocked" by it.  Really?  She was a drug addict who weighed 12 pounds.  Sadly, it was kind of inevitable.

*Have you watched Once Upon a Time?  I am totally obsessed with this show.  I like the whole fairy tale back story.  It's not what we have has traditional fairy tales and it's a little bit awesome.  Plus, Snow White is kick ass.  Yo.

*I don't say Yo enough.  Neither do you, I'm sure.  Let's start a revolution.  Yo.

*The Grammy's would have been better if Neil Patrick Harris hosted them.  In fact, all award shows would be better if NPH hosted them.  Something to think about award shows.  'Cause you know they totally come to my blog for answers to who should host the show. 

*Adele.  That is all.

*Oh, Sir Paul.  you know how I love you and how James Bond Worships you, but your voice is not what it once was.  Golden Slumber is one of my absolute favorite songs (it's JB's favorite behind the Long and Winding Road), but your voice could not carry it.  It made me sad.  Of course, what the hell do I know?  You're freaking Paul McCartney.  Carry on.~~~Once there was a way to get back homeward, once there was a way to get back home, sleep pretty darling do not cry, and I will sing you a lullaby.~~~

*The McDonald's in Sedona, AZ has turquoise arches.  It is the only one in the world.  Why does it have turquoise arches you may ask?  Well, I'll tell you.  I'm generous like that.
The city felt that the golden arches would not "mesh" with the surrounding red rocks.  McDonald's offered turquoise arches and the city agreed.  Good for you Sedona!

*Yesterday, I wore a darker colored lipstick.  Being whiter than paper relatively fair, I normally wear something in the pinks or nudes, but yesterday I decided to mix it up and wear more of a red color.  I had to mail some packages and the guy at the PO looked at me when I came up to the counter and said "That's a different color on you."  I looked at him confused.  He made a vague circle around his mouth and said, "Your lipstick.  It's darker than you normally wear."  I'm not sure if I should be flattered that he noticed or squicked out at the fact that he noticed.  What say you?

*Last night we were watching CNN and they were yakking about Santorum saying that women should not be in combat because they would be too emotional, or something like that.  There was a news commentator, whose name I did not catch (I so wish he had) who said (speaking of all candidates for president) he wished people who made the decisions regarding the military spent more than one weekend in Iraq or Afghanistan.  I thought James Bond was going to stand up and cheer.

*Okay, I'm off to have V-Day dinner.  We're cracking open a bottle of Moet and Chandon Imperial champagne.  Like real champagne, you guys.  From France and all.  Huzzah! (Yo) I'll leave you with this funny sign, cause it's so true:

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Stacy Uncorked said...

Faberge Easter Eggs are so cool. They deserve to have the better part of the day spent looking at them.

I thought I knew what ticker tape was, but had to Google it to make sure.

I never new that about 'bug'! Learn something new every day. :)

Those boots frighten me too.

LOVE LOVE LOVE Once Upon A Time. It's one Princess Nagger and I watch together each week. And yeah, Snow White is totally kick ass.


Amen to the Grammy's would have been better if Neil Patrick Harris had hosted them.

Adele = AWESOME.

AHAHAHA! Love that sign!

Happy Valentine's Day - enjoy that champagne! ;)

Valentine’s Day, (Possible) Near-Sighted Princess, The End of a Crappy Schedule

Impulsive Addict said...

OMG. Those are REAL boots? Like someone would actually PAY to wear them? I'd wear them if someone would PAY ME. Wow. And I see they're nice and cheap too. Even better.

It's flattering that he noticed your darker lips. Maybe he dreams about kissing them! lol

I love the turquoise arches! That's so cool!

Hey, thanks for linking up with us! Enjoy your wine! =)

I am Harriet said...

I heard about that ticker tape and all the personal information that was part of it.

Have a great Tuesday!

Self Sagacity said...

I was impressed with Adele. Everytime there is a big winner, they normally take away six or seven awards, and she is one of them

rockygrace said...

One of my co-workers saw me scrolling through AOL on my computer this morning and asked me, "So, any more news about Whitney Houston?" And I said, "...other than the fact that she's still dead?" I mean really, the only LESS-surprising recent celebrity demise has got to be Amy Winehouse. Still a shame, though, both of them.

And that PO guy? Squicky. That's just ... odd.

LMA said...

I absolutely LOVE Once Upon A Time! The Hubby tried to watch with me once, and he didn't like it... so now I watch it alone... Speaking of which, I think I have a couple episodes to watch, may as well while he is still at work :)

Michele Feltman Strider said...


Shawn said...

I didn't know those were boots at first glance, I always scroll to look at pictures first.

I love champagne but only when it's mixed a splash of orange juice!

I've tried to watch Once Upon A Time, it's a little confusing for me since I've missed a few episodes. I need to go back and watch it from the beginning then maybe it will make more sense.

I agree...Adele,,,,"Nough said! YO!

Thanks for linking up with us, we XOXO you!

family of 4 on the move! said...

Omg once upon a time is one of my many new obsessed with shows! I love it! Now I am going to ask you a very serious question though and no hating on me if you get addicted...have you seen revenge, or ringer?! Those three shows make my life better! Yupp I totally said it...better!
Yo I have not thought about in a long long time but what ever happened to...word! I liked saying it and my kids stop me to tell me how dumb I sound so that makes it just that much better. Haha yes I am older then you crazy kids I'm your mother...Duhh! :)

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