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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cruise Day 6: At Sea and Day 7: Pisa and the Pirate Dinner

This post has been in the works forever. We actually took this cruise in May 2010 and this poor draft languished, forgotten. Sadness over!   Back to the Disney Cruise!

After we left Rome, we had a day at sea. Thank goodness! All the go, go, go had us completely exhausted. We needed a down day. I thought we'd be bored just staying on the ship, but it wasn't! 

The next day dawned bright and beautiful and we docked at La Spezia, Italy.  Actually, this was the first dock where we didn't actually dock, but weighed anchor and had to take tenders to shore (listen to me talking all sailor stuff!).  Indy loved taking the tender to shore.  After exploring La Spezia for a little while (it was lovely) we headed off to Pisa. Since both Pisa and Florence were at least 1-2 hours away, we opted for an excursion to make sure we made it back in time. We decided we wanted to see the Leaning Tower off to Pisa we went. The bus ride was really long (a little over an hour), but the tour guide was funny and engaging, and pointed out some neat stuff, so it wasn't so bad. Pisa was...dull to be perfectly honest. Once you saw the Tower (which had a 2 hour line to get in, so that wasn't going to happen) and the church that was next to it, there wasn't much to do. Indy cleverly said, "I know why Galileo dropped those balls of the tower.  There was nothing else to do!"  Hehe. It turned into a hot day, so we got a gelato and sat in the shade while we waited for the bus to take us back to the ship.  While seeing the Tower and getting the requisite photos of us holding it up were fun, that was about it.   Ah well, still we had a good time.

La Spezia from the ship:

Here's the aft of our ship.  See Goofy painting?  Disney thinks of everything!

Riding in on the tender:

On the tender.  That's not our ship in the background.  There were 3 or 4 other ships docked.

Indy on the "biggest" compass rose in "the whole world" (his words) in La Spezia:

Holding up the tower:

James Bond:

Sitting with the pigeons near the tower:

Since there wasn't much to do, I people watched and found some interesting "fashions."  You know you want to see that.

I'm trying to figure this one out.  Is she a salsa dancer?  Trekking through the jungle looking for the mate of that blouse?

85 degrees.  Leg warmers, boots and a jacket?  Oh, wait, she's wearing shorts.  It's all good.

Where's the rest of the black shirt?  What's with the white socks and flats?

That's right, Baroness von Jungenstein is here.

Having fun is exhausting:

Back at La Spezia on the water front:

Did you see all those sail boats back there?  Gorgeous!
While Pisa was a bit of a let down, we can check it off our "to see" list

That night on the ship was pirate night!  Indy had been looking forward to this since the day we first set sail.  Everyone was issued pirate bandanas upon arrival at the restaurants.  We were eating in the animation restaurant that night.
Me and our assistant server, Willie, with his pirate hook.  Man do we miss Willie!

Indy and James Bond at the pirate limbo.

Before going on deck to the party, we headed back to our room for a few minutes.  James Bond did not leave his drink behind.  He's looking a bit "happy" don't you think?

There was a massive party on deck.  Singing, dancing, swashbuckling, brawling; all the good pirate stuff.  Indy loved it.

Here is with a pirate.  I should note that he fought and killed this pirate mere moments after this photo was taken.  :)

Micky even swung in dressed as a pirate.  I would not have wanted to be Mickey that night.  He went from one "smoke stack" to the next.  These things are HIGH.

After the party, they played the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie on the HUGE screen you can see just below Micky in the photo.  Of course we had to watch that.  Indy loves PoC and I wasn't going to miss the opportunity to see my beloved 20 feet tall.
And so ended our day in LaSpezia, Pisa and at the pirate party.

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And if you want to see photos of all the towel animals that appeared on our bed at night (and who wouldn't?) you can click here.

Next up:  Corsica!


gretchen said...

So jealous! Looks like such fun!

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Cute Pisa photos! Love the pirate party! Looks like everyone had fun! Now...I need to plan a cruise! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

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