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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cruise: Corsica

Did you enjoy the photos from Pisa? I hope so!

The day after Pisa, we sailed to Corsica, just off the coast of France. Corsica is of course most famous for being the birth place of Napoleon.

The weather was simply gorgeous. We were incredibly lucky to have had perfect weather on our entire cruise.

This is the view of the port from our room.  If you ever cruise, try to get a room on the port side of the ship.  You will have amazing views.

Indy and James Bond on the pier.  This was the closest we ported to any actual town.  We walked right off the ship and into the town!  The others were all at least a 10 minute walk from the pier to the edge of town, so this was nice.

A lot of the people we knew on the cruise (several of our friends were there, which made it nice) decided to spend the day at the beach on a different part of the island, but we'd spent most of the day before lounging around the pool so we decided to check out the town of Ajaccio.  We wandered around for a while as there was a huge market going on just off the pier  and eventually ended up at the house where Napoleon was born and grew up.  Unfortunately, by the time we got there, they were closing for a 2 hour lunch  (how can you not love a place that closes almost everything down for a 2 hour lunch?), but "Napoleon" was still out front.

After we walked away, Indy said "He was kind of tall to pretend to be Napoleon, don't you think?"  Always thinking.

We opted to go back to the ship for lunch but found some interesting stuff on the way back, including and bakery with pastries so good they made me want to weep. I may have had 1 or 12.  We ate them as we walked around and looked at the lovely buildings and enjoyed the sunshine.  Indy was sad this fountain wasn't running.  He thought it was pretty and like the statue of Napoleon on top.  Look at the trees and the buildings around it.  Aren't they lovely?

We passed by a poissonnerie and Indy HAD to go in.  Okay.

I'm not quite sure what the fascination was, but he would have stayed all day if we'd let him.  He asked the incredibly patient workers a million questions about the fish and what they were called and where they came from which they answered kindly and with great humor.

When we finally drug him away we headed back to the ship for a very late lunch (excellent, as always) and then I went off alone back to tour Napoleon's house.  James Bond had been listening to a band play until really late the night before and wanted a nap and Indy was anxious to get back to the Oceaneers Club and do whatever insanely fun things they had planned for the day.

The inside of Napoleon's house had some rooms that had been redone, but many of them were still relatively the same as they had been when he lived there.  They had loads of artifacts from him and his family.

Cool, huh?  Our next stop was Ville Franche, France, which led me to a serious moral dilemma that may or may not have to do with Johnny Depp.  You want to know about that, right?

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