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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

RTT: stuffs


Tuesday! My favorite day of the week!I'm still rebelling it up with the super awesome, award winning vintner (that's a funny word-say it), Stacy.

*Nancy Grace is going to be on Dancing With The Stars. I think Tom Bergeron should quit.

*I was watching the news yesterday (not Nancy Grace) and they were interviewing some idiot guy in New Jersey.  He was griping and moaning about not having power.  He said he called his local company and they told him he would be without it for at least a week.  When he asked why he was told that they were working and he had to wait his turn.  He was positively indignant over having to wait his turn.  I though..well, I can't tell you exactly what I thought or it might burn up the interwebs (and my blog is not flagged for over 18 content), but basically I thought what an entitled jerk.  What makes his getting power any more important than other people?  Get over yourself.  Also, I've been through hurricanes where we didn't get power for 2+ weeks.  Somehow we survived.  Imagine that.

*Holy moly.  I was checking something a few minutes ago on my blog and went to the tags section.  I have 92 (NINETY-TWO!) tags for random Tuesday.  I can't believe it.  I've been doing this since 2009.  Shut the front door.

*The Red Hot Chili Peppers have a new album.  In the first video (remember those?) for the album, they're still pretty much all shirtless.  You gotta give them props for still looking good enough to go shirtless.  Anthony Keidis is still pretty buff and he's 48.  I so loved them when I was in college.  God, now I feel old.

*If a Vestal Virgin was no longer so, um virgin, she was buried alive in an unmarked grave.  Out over over 1000 (over the years) 18 were given this punishment.   Orgies at the palace?  Why not.  Murder in the Senate?  Absolutely!  Non-virgin Vestal Virgins?  Bury those whores alive!

*Yesterday the local public schools started.  In celebration of NOT going to ps, Indy and I went out to lunch and then had ice cream.  We do this every year.  He can't WAIT for ps to start.

*Han Solo is still sick, but getting better.  FINALLY.  Now if he'd only go back to sleeping through the night.  Sigh.

*In the movie, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, a picture of Gandolf the Grey (Lord of the Rings) can be seen in Dumbledore's office.

*I know the hurricane was called Irene, but every time they said the name on TV, I sing Come on Eileen in my head.  I've been singing it A LOT.

*Weather!  Stupid, stupid weather.  It was in the 90's the other day and now it's in the 60's.  What do I wear????

*Zamboanga.  I wouldn't want to live there.  I just like the way it sounds.  

*Castle comes back on in 3 weeks!!!  I can't wait.

*My mom and step dad are fans of my weekly signs.  My step dad was in Lowes (their car could drive there on its own it's been there so often) and snapped this little gem for me.  What a bargain!

I wish you all a lovely Tuesday.  Click the sign at the top to link up and read other RTTs.


Anonymous said...

I'd kill to have temps in the 60s! Happy Tuesday.

Working Mommy said...

Poor little guy...sorry he is still sick :( Hope he gets better soon!!


Jess said...

Gasp...I sing Come On Eileen in my head too every time I heard about the hurricane! Funny stuff.
I can't wait for Castle. I love that show!
Good Random!

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