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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

RTT: Fly Heaven

Tuesday? Holy crap, where did the week go? Oh, yeah, they went to sleepless nights with a STILL sick baby. I'm gonna Rebel it up, but it will likely be short. I got 4.5 hours of sleep last night. How I miss my 11 hour sleeping baby. Please let him come back soon!


*Indy is freakishly good at catching flies. He always has been. And when I say good, I mean he usually catches them by their wings. Ick. He also has a very small plastic container (the opening is about 1.5" across), that he catches them with. Weird. Last week there was a fly in the bathroom and I called him to get. He came in with his plastic container and when he quickly pushed it down to catch the fly and accidentally killed it. This is a rare, rare event. He looked devastated for a few minutes and then looks at me and said:
"The fly is in a better place mom. You know in Fly Heaven every street is lined with dog poo."
Good to know.

*I worry about Richard Engel. He goes a lot of dangerous places.

*Han Solo is still sick. I called the peds AGAIN today and insisted on them seeing him. We're on day 16 of this mess. I'm tired of "waiting it out."

*Remember about a week ago when I told you I dyed my hair and it turned out red? Well, I made an appt at a salon on post (1st mistake) to get it "fixed." Come back another day for the full story and a list of things you never want to hear from your hair stylist. Oh, it's bad. I've got to do THREE more appointments to fix what she "fixed." Until then I look...interesting.

*Are there any of these????

I wish you all a lovely Tuesday.  Click the link at the top to read all the other randoms and link up your own.


Deb said...

Glad you're insisting they see Han Solo. Thinking of you guys...

Anonymous said...

What is that sign even supposed to mean??? Awful. Happy Tuesday.

Working Mommy said...

I Really hope I don't end up in Fly Heaven...I'm not a fan of poo!!


Toni said...

OK, fly heaven? Ick.

I don't know who Richard Engel is but I worry about Josh Gates (Destination Truth) he goes to scary places too.

WTH is a non-gender child???

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