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Thursday, August 11, 2011

My night and morning: a timeline

You may remember that I mentioned in yesterday's post that Han Solo has rotavirus. Good grief. Indy had it when he was almost 2 and it was even more awful because he was eating solid foods and mobile. I'm extremely grateful that Han Solo is still just on liquids and cannot move around. I know it could be so much worse.   He's actually taking it quite well (as did Indy) and not fussing.   My nights have been rough lately, but not really because of Han Solo.  Here's how last night went:

8pm: Give Han Solo a bath. Indy takes a shower while Han Solo is bathed, chattering the whole time about his day. Asks if I can read to him.

8:15pm: Feed Han Solo a bottle while reading to Indy (I'm a multitasker).  James Bond cleans up bathroom.

8:30pm: James Bond puts Indy to bed. Indy yells that I need to come kiss him when Han Solo is down.

8:45pm: Han Solo goes to bed (quietly and happily) . Go tuck Indy in. Has to talk about his day for a few more minutes..

9pm: All is quiet. James Bond goes to his man cave for...whatever.  Have time to read my own book.

10:15pm: Go to bed. Han Solo sleeps in our room next to my side of the bed.  Creep in quietly praying he doesn't wake up.  He doesn't.  Give silent hurrah.  Fall asleep.

11pm: Woken up by the dog whining and crying to get in the bedroom with me. Don't let them in.  They take forever to settle and will only cause a ruckus when James Bond gets them up to go outside and they might wake Han Solo.  Go back to sleep.

12:15am: Woken up when James Bond takes the dogs out.

12:25am: Dogs storm into the house like a pack of elephants. Pray fervently they don't wake Han Solo. Fortunately, they don't. Let out a sigh of relief.

12:30am: James Bond comes to bed. Floors creak. Han Solo moves around. Hold my breath, but he doesn't wake.  Sigh in relief.  Go back to sleep.

1:30am: Han Solo wakes up and babbles quite loudly for about 15 minutes. Lay there wondering if he'll go back to sleep. Babbling turns into fussing. Get up. It's rare he's up at this hour, but he's not feeling well.

1:45am: Change a ridiculously stinky diaper. Curse rotavirus for a few minutes. Make a bottle and feed Han Solo. James Bond sleeps through this.

2am: Start to put Han Solo back to bed and notice he is smelly again! Change another stinky diaper. Curse rotavirus for a few more minutes, put Han Solo back to bed (he's instantly asleep, bless him), crawl back in bed.

3:20am: Dogs start barking for no apparent reason, scaring the beejeebers out of me. Shush them. James Bond doesn't wake. Han Solo sleeps through this (dogs barking don't seem to bother him). Go back to sleep.

4:45am: Han Solo starts shifting around. I check on him and he smells suspicious. He doesn't wake up though and consider whether or not to wake him up to change his diaper. Decide to let him sleep. A little poo in his diaper won't hurt anything but my olfactory senses. Go back to sleep.

5:45am: James Bond's alarm goes off. Smack him on the shoulder a few times to wake him up so he'll turn it off. Han Solo is never bothered by the alarm (though I don't know how as it's crazy loud), so he continues to sleep. James Bond gets out of bed, walks across the room, hits snooze button gets back in bed and instantly goes back to sleep. Lay there waiting for the alarm to go off again. Think bad thoughts about James Bond.

5:54am: Alarm goes off again. Smack James Bond some more to turn off alarm. He turns it off and gets up to get dressed for PT. Fall asleep.

6:20am: James Bond comes in to kiss me goodbye, but I'm asleep so his hovering over me scares me half to death and I let out a scream. Han Solo stays asleep. James Bond leaves. Once my heart stops thumping I fall back asleep.

7:30am: Indy creeps into room quietly, wakes me and asks if he can get up. Nod that he can.  He goes to play in his room. Wonder briefly why he walks all the way to my room to ask if he can get up. Decide I'm too tired to care.  Check Han Solo. He's still smelly, but asleep. Go back to sleep.

7:45am: James Bond comes back from PT and dogs bark. Shush them rather violently. Han Solo still sleeps. James Bond crawls back in bed and falls instantly asleep. Lay there thinking I should get up. Decide not to and go back to sleep.

8:40am: Han Solo is babbling. Wake up and realize what time it is. Smack James Bond. He's supposed to be at work at 9. Get Han Solo up, change a stinky diaper and make his bottle. Indy comes out and makes his own breakfast (sweet, sweet boy). James Bond runs around the house like a mad man trying to get himself together.

8:50am: James Bond runs out the door. Han Solo stinks again! Change his diaper, wash my hands and make a cup of tea.

9am: Jump in the shower.

9:10am: Get dressed.

9:15am: Start school.

Is it any wonder I'm tired all the freaking time???? Han Solo slept through the night (8:30pm to 8am) for about 2 weeks and it was sheer bliss, but since he's been sick he's back to waking up at night and I'm delirious.   James Bond and the dogs don't help with my sleep issues.  Pray. for. me.


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

It isn't a wonder you are tired because you are not able to get your much needed REM sleep.

Is there a couch available temporarily that J.B. can crash on with the dogs. That would help IMMENSELY.

I will be thinking of you.

Toni said...

Whoa. James Bond sounds like my Husband. His alarm would never wake him up so I have to set MY alarm and then wake him up. I don't really like this arrangement.

I hope Han Solo feels better!

Working Mommy said...

I hope your little guy gets better soon! Why is it that no matter what we just can't get any sleep?? Its not fair, I tell you *stomps foot*


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