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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

RTT: I'm back!

Hello my lovely readers! I know you've been wondering where I've been. Haven't you???? Of course you have. Well, I took a wee break from blogging because I've had 2 sick kiddos and I've been scrambling around trying to get all the last minute stuff together so we could start school (we started 4th grade yesterday). But now, I'm back and on a RTT too! How fortuitous (for you).


*So, sick kiddos.  Ugh.  Every year Indy brings home something that makes everyone sick.  He's normally not a sick kid at all, but I swear those germy little buggers at camp are always making him sick.  And now Han Solo is sick.  He's got rotavirus though!  If you've ever had a kid with rotavirus, you know the sheer horror.  Dear heavens!  I've changed so many diapers in the past 2 days it's not funny.  Pray for me!

*Neither the Kangaroo nor the Emu can walk backwards.

*We decided to go computer free on Sunday.  I know!  It wasn't that bad.  When we were talking about it, Indy had a question or two.

Indy: So, no computers?
Me: Nope.
Indy: What about your Kindle? That's kind of a computer isn't it?
Me: So is your Wii.
Indy: Well really, when you think about it the Kindle really is more of a book than a computer.

That's my clever boy.

*We started 4th grade yesterday. FOURTH grade! How on earth is Indy old enough to be in the 4th grade? He was actually very excited to start. He got up early, got himself dressed and drew a picture of himself (wearing the same shirt he actually had on) with confetti and fireworks all around him. Over the picture he wrote "!st Day of 4th Grade!"

*TIP is an acronym for "To Insure Promptness."  Some servers should be told this.

*I usually get a little squirly around my birthday and do something with my hair (dye it a different color, cut it off, whatever). This year around my birthday I was pregnant and not in the mood to do anything with my hair (Han Solo was born the week after my birthday). Two days ago though, I decided it was time. I was going to dye my hair brown. Not dark brown, but a nice soft brown. Hardy, har har. My hair is now a dark auburn red, emphasis on the red. Crap. My dad has (or at least used to have) red hair and my mom has red tones in her hair. I was born with red hair (that turned brownish later) and I just can't get away from it. My hair just pulls red, even if the color doesn't have the slightest bit of red in it, unless I get it professionally done. Crap.

*Did you know that all Model-T's were black because it dried faster than the other paints?  Since Ford was interested in producing cars as quickly as possible, he chose to have them all painted black so they would come off the production line quicker.

*Two weeks ago we left Han Solo with a baby sitter (the first time ever!) and took Indy to see Harry Potter 7, part 2.  It was freaking awesome!  We saw it in the comfy German theater (in English of course).  When you buy your tickets at German theaters, you pick your seats out, so you can't just sit anywhere.  They show you the open seats, you pick the ones you want and your tickets have the seats printed on them.  It's a good system really.  We missed the first 5 minutes of the movie though because a huge group of Turkish people (I know because they were draped in the Turkish flag) were protesting...something (someone is ALWAYS protesting something here) and traffic was backed up.  Grrrr.  Still, awesome movie.

*I know the US is baking right now, but it's actually chilly here!  Currently 63 degrees.  In August!  Good grief.

*We're hoping to find out in the next 2-3 weeks where we're headed next.  Texas was taken off the table (huzzah!) and now moving up to Wiesbaden (about an hour north of where we are now) is on the table!  We're hoping to stay in Germany a while longer so we don't have to pay to ship James Bond's car (the military only ships 1 vehicle) and pay for the dogs this year.  Plus, Europe!  More travel! 
*Why is this sign even necessary?

So, that's my RTT for the day.  I hope you enjoyed my return.  Click the button up there to link your own RTT and/or read loads of other randoms.


Anonymous said...

Sick kids are the worst! And we totally could not go no computers. My husband might whither and die and my 4 year old might throw a fit if he couldn't do Spider-Man puzzles on the tablet. Happy RTT!

Captain Dumbass said...

Sheesh! Trying to read your post and people keep interrupting me with work. My oldest is starting 4the grade this year too. How did that happen?

Michelle said...

Glad to see you back!!! So sorry your little ones are sick (bleck) the way, my hair always wants to turn red as well. I have found a certain box that has a "soft dark brown" that seems to do the trick.

BTW, my youngest starts 4th grade next Tuesday and my middle (oldest son) starts high school...wahhhhh!

Kristine said...

That sign made me wonder what kind of boob would try to shove a small mammal in the toilet in the first place??

Christina - Rant Rave Roll said...

The red likes to come out whether you like it or not. My sister has been trying to fight it since she learned how to say hair dye.

I definitely do not want to be in charge of cleaning that toilet.

Michele Feltman Strider said...

Pix of the new hair, please?

Toni said...

My Kid started school this year (Kindergarten) he was SOO Excited! His excitement helped my Mommy nerves so much.

It IS Hot here! Fri. AM I was taking Kid to school with the windows down and he said "Brrrr. It's cold!" It was 76 degrees. *Sigh* When you're COLD at 76 degrees it's been WAY too hot!

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