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Sunday, February 6, 2011

How DO they do it????

If you're anything like me, you read a lot of blogs that feature home decor, recipes, sewing and furniture redos. Really, I am in AWE of all these projects and their creators. I want to do so may of them. My big question though is HOW on earth do these women find the time to do so many projects. Yes, I realize there are loads of different blogs, but some of my favorites are absolutely chock a block full of projects done by ONE person. I know their homes aren't perfect (they're generally very upfront about this and I love them for it), but they seem to be fairly clean and organized, their children are fed and in clean clothes and not neglected. I also know that some of them do these projects as part of a business they run, but honestly, how do they get so much done? They do still live in 24 hours days, right? I'm certain they must eat and sleep and do things other than projects, so how, how do they do it? Is there some secret I'm missing out on? Am I just a slacker?
Yes, I know I am pregnant (and tired a lot) and homeschool Indy, but many of these other women have similar lifestyles (one blog I read-I can't recall who off the top of my head-recovered her dining room chairs the DAY SHE GAVE BIRTH)!  So that's no excuse. Maybe I spend too much time reading their blogs???? I don't know. If you are an uber crafter/decorator and know the secret, why don't you share it with those of us who haven't figured out the magic? I know I (and probably a few other women as well) would appreciate it.

In case you're wondering what blogs I'm referring to, here's a list of a few I really love (if you're on the list and somehow came over to my blog for whatever reason, please, share your secrets):

Susie Harris

Infarrantly Creative

A Soft Place to Land

Funky Junky Interiors

Pretty Handy Girl

Miss Mustard Seed

Tatertots and Jello

Thrifty Decor Chick

The Nester

Centsational Girl

Confessions of a Plate Addict

Even if you're not on the list (I couldn't list you all), share your time management ideas!


Sue said...

I gave up TV more than a year ago. In so doing, I gained literally HOURS a day to do things instead of sitting motionless on the couch.

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

I am so tickled that you included me in yur list! But it's not much of a secret...I stay up late! lol And daughter is expecting her 3rd child, so I know...your main job is not an easy one! Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

PS...I forwarded your "Dear So and So..." post to my daughter! She will relate!...hugs...Debbie

Inspired by you said...

First, thanks for your comment on my MMS footstool look alike. Secondly, I read your letters post and thought it was hilarious! Can't wait to go through your older posts.

rockygrace said...

So, did she recover the chairs on the day she gave birth BEFORE or AFTER she had the kid?

Now I'm wondering. "Before" is kind of understandable. "After" is decidedly not.

judi said...

found you via fj donna and had to visit. i too wonder the same thing...i personally think i spend too much time looking at other blogs! i really need to make myself a schedule so i work my projects into each day!

AllieMakes! said...

HAHA! I am completely convinced they have staffs of people. Even if it does include their children and or spouses... Since I only have a child, I have become proficient at doing multiple projects at a time while the little one is in school. I do them FAST. Learned to sew FAST in a costume shop years ago... Anyways, I am still learning to photograph but I am also really convinced that photographing things to look better than they actually are is also a trick I have yet to learn, lol.
Anyways, I stumbled into your blog, and I am happy I did!
Your newest follower,

Handy Man, Crafty Woman said...

I wish I knew. I have read some of the blogs on that list. in fact, I think that I spend entirely TOO much time reading blogs that have tons of pretty recipes, crafts and decor...drooling over how nice everything looks, and wondering WHY can't I do the same?!?!?

I wish I had an answer for you. I really do. Because I've been wondering the same thing lately!

PS I love how one of your labels is "Sucky time management skills." LOL

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