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Friday, February 12, 2010

Dear So and So

Dear So and So...

Friday already? Well, in the immortal words of Mr. Justin Timberlake, hot dayum!

Dear Winter,

I love you, I truly do. I think you're one of the prettiest times of the year and there is absolutely no sneezing involved (hurrah!). I love to watch snow fall and see how pretty everything is covered in a beautiful blanket of white. However, I'm afraid, dear Winter, that I'm over you. I've had enough. I don't look forward to the sneezing and sniffling that your sister, Spring will bring with her, but I'm heartily sick of scraping snow off my car and the mud and slush that come into my house.

Cold and Irritable,

Dear Cold,

I thought you were gone. What are you doing trying to sneak back in? I gave you a good 3.5 days where you were allowed to run rampant, but that's enough. I won't have it I tell you, I won't! You are to vacate the premises (aka, my head) immediately. Are we clear on this?


Dear Indy,

I cannot look up everything that pops in your crazy little head on the internet. Please stop asking.

Love and kisses,

Dear Johnny Depp,

Indy and Mr. HH are watching Pirates 3 right now and I find myself wondering why I find you so incredibly attractive even when you're dirty and gross and grungy. You are one hot man.

Love you long time,

Ps-Call me

And now dear readers, I'm off to France this evening and to the Metz flea market tomorrow. I'll have photos up in a few days and hopefully many treasures to show you.

For more Dear So and So's, go visit Kat.


Kat said...

Super jealous. I really need to find a way to get to Germany to visit.

These Are The Days said...

Sorry you're not feeling great yet. Have a fab time tonight. I'm jealous...but not of the cold.

Jen said...

These are great and I hope that you start to feel better soon.

Stopped by from Kat's place.

Miss Angie said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm... Johnny Depp is super yummy, especially in Pirates... I don't know what it is...

I'm so ready for the cold to go away too!

Frau said...

Fun a wonderful time in France! I hope it will be warmer....or atleast no snow!

Mike said...

Hilarious! I love your sense of humor!!!

One tip for frozen windshields: I use an old blanket/towel and lay it across the windshield overnight. Tuck it into the windshield wipers and close the sides in the doors. Saved me TONS of headache over the years!!!

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