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Monday, February 8, 2010

Who Dat gonna be ill???

Apparently me. After staying up til bloody 4 am to watch what IMO was more of a Super Dull than a Super Bowl (though wooohoo Geaux Saints!), I find myself severely under the weather. I felt it coming on while we were watching the game (actually, Mr. HH and TOM watched the game, I read a book and looked up when they started yelling), but this morning I woke up to feel like my throat was 2 sizes too large to fit in my neck. Oh, noooooooes! Today I've spent the entire day loafing on the sofa, eating Cream of Wheat (with milk and sugar) and drinking hot tea. Indy, who likes not having to do school, but is bored out of his mind, checked on me about 4 minutes to see if I was okay/needed anything, feeling my forehead and telling me how bored he is and can he please, please, pretty please watch TV, even though he knows he's grounded, but if I just let him watch he'll let me get some rest. Believe me, I was sooooo tempted to cave and let him watch TV, just so I could get some rest, but then what would that tell him about my parenting? Bug mom enough while she'd down and she'll give in? Oh, how easy it would be.


Frau said...

Hope you are feeling better...kiddos to Indy for giving he all to break you!

These Are The Days said...

Oh you poor thing. Hope you feel better soon. Good for you for sticking to your guns...don't think I could have. :) You're right, Superbowl was a snore. Get better and while your lying there, think of your next brilliant post because you know we'll be waiting. :)

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Oh man, I would have totally fallen for Indy's con. ;)

Hope you are feeling better SOON! (The SB was boring for me too...not even very many good commercials)

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