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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Random Thoughts Tuesday: No kitchen for you!

Does it need and introduction after all this time? I thought not.


*Title explanation: When we were in Bastogne last week for the Battle of the Bulge Memorial March, the Kiwanis set up booths at the midway points for the routes (we did 12k, so we passed the 8k midway point too). And they ran out of food! WTF? We passes the 8k point (which is the route most people take) and thought we'd grab something at the 12k point. We got there and got in line. Just as we up to the front of the line, THEY RAN OUT OF FOOD. I had packed a few apples in our backpack and we used a knife to split them up among our group. 3 apples for 6 adults and 5 children. One of our friends compared me to a certain other much more famous person who fed a crowd with a few fish and loaves of bread. I'm not claiming it, but I think Mr. HH sometimes thinks I have a god complex. Whatevs. So, we finished our route and literally attacked a restaurant in McAuliffe Square. McAuliffe is famous for his reply to the German commanders demand for surrender in 1944: "Nuts!" Anyway, back to the story, the 11 of us pile into this Pizzeria (I won't say the name, but I will say it's IN McAuliffe square and just to the left of Le Grill) and scooped up a few tables. The place was packed, but we managed to squeeze around 2 small tables. Most of the servers spoke English (in fact they advertise the fact that they speak English on the menu), but ours did not. This is not generally a problem as all items are numbered so you point to the number and all is good. Oh, so not. I had a question (because I don't eat meat and ordering is often difficult for me), so another server (who was awesome came over and took my order: margerita pizza with corn and artichokes). An hour later we have no food and the kids are getting a little crazy. We called over the English speaker and he went to find our food. Our server was standing at the bar chatting up some guys. He brings out food, lots of food, but not what we had ordered. Well, some of it we ordered, but a seafood pizza (clams, mussels and shrimp with their heads on) was NOT ordered for a 9 year old. We sent it back. Mushroom pasta was not ordered. We sent it back. 3 dishes ordered did not show. ANOTHER seafood pizza showed up and we sent it back asking for the food we ordered. The server appologized and went back to the kitchen. About 2 minutes later the owner/cook came out and said something in rapid fire French that none of us understood and then pointed to TOM (who had not ordered anything special) and yelled "NO KITCHEN FOR YOU!" before stomping back to the kitchen still chattering in angry French. We all stared at each other for a minute before bursting out laughing. The 3 who had no food got up and walked outside to the Christmas market and got a bratwurst. For the rest of the week, everytime someone got irritated, we'd look at each other and say "No kitchen for you!"

*Whew! That was ridiculously wordy. Sorry about that.

*We were in Paris and Mr. HH was being his usual grumpy self (he can be such a crab) and Indy pipes up from the other room "Quit your bitching, Dad!" Mr. HH and I stared at each other in stunned silence. I went to the other room (Mr. HH looked like his head was going to explode) and told Indy he knew that was a bad word and he shouldn't say it. He agreed, that, yes, it was a bad word, and no he shouldn't say it, but leaned over and whispered to me "But Dad really does need to quit his bitching. We're in Paris. He should be happy." I had to bite my tongue to keep from telling him how right he was. Out of the mouth of babes, my friends. We did have a talk about words he shouldn't say though.

*I forgot to buy a gingerbread house kit this year. Indy is very upset with me over this. I felt bad for about 10 minutes, but got over it.

*It's weird how you forget things about your parents. I haven't lived with my dad in years and I totally forget that he talks to himself. A lot. During his visit, I've had lots of fun listening to him talk to himself about everything. I now know where Indy gets it.

*It warmed up just enough for the precip to turn to rain and wash away all of our snow. Boo!

*3 adults and 1 child should not share 1 bathroom. Our downstairs neighbors have 2 adults and 3 teenagers with 1 bathroom. I don't know how they do it.

*A strand of lights went out on our tree. D'oh! Fortunately I wove them in fairly well (plus there are soooooo many lights that no one but me can tell).

*I love to decorate for Christmas, but by the time I get it exactly the way I want it, the holidays are over and I have to take it all down. :(

*My sign this week isn't funny in the same way the others have been, but still, it made me laugh. I took this at the park in front of the Eiffel Tower last week. Basically a do and don't. Click on it and look at the last little drawing on the right.

Have a great RTT and remember if you're not good, there will be NO KITCHEN FOR YOU!


satakieli said...

LOL "No kitchen for you!"

Plus, I totally didn't know that you don't eat meat. That must be a real pain in Germany!

Frau said...

Too funny! I love the no kitchen for you! Indy is awesome...quit your bitchin Dad!! Have a wonderful time.

The Crazy Coxes said...

I would love it if someone said "No kitchen for you" to right now!

I love kids! They are too smart!

Happy Tuesday!

Captain Dumbass said...

No kitchen for you? That's double awesome!

JennyMac said...

Quit your bitching, Dad? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. My Father is a bit of a grump too...oh, this would have been priceless in our house back in the day.

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