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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bayeux-Cathedral and Tapestry

I had never been to Bayeux before, but I can now say it is one of my all time places to visit. In fact, I'd even live there. It was gorgeous and unbelievably charming. Seriously, it had charm oozing from every wall. The cathedral was amazing. How it survived 2 world wars is beyond me. The cathedral was right across the street from our hotel (What? I KNOW!), so after we tucked Indy and O'Pa (my dad) into bed, we walked over to get some night shots. It was stunning.

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The next morning dawned clear and c-c-c-cold, but we had to stop to take more photos. Inside was beautiful too, but to be honest after 685 cathedrals, they all kind of look the same inside. I do appreciate their beauty and am in awe of the fact that this was made long before modern machinery and by hand. Those stone masons were truly gifted craftsmen.

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We walked over to the museum that holds the Bayeux Tapestry. I knew it was big, but good grief, I had no idea. 230 feet long. Hand embroidered. Almost 1000 years ago. I saw this in person and still can't wrap my mind around the fact that women in the middle ages made this thing. By hand! Indy thought it was "double cool." He liked the battle scenes (of course), especially the one that shows Harold Godwinson (the guy who took the crown of England, even though he agreed that William would be king when Edward the Confessor died) with an arrow through his eye. Hurrah. He was super excited when we told him it about the Battle of Hastings. Indy's real middle name is Hastings (that was Mr. HH's idea) so of course that made it super special. They tell you not to take photographs, but I did. Shhhhhh. Don't rat me out. I used the no flash setting on my camera, so there was nothing to disturb the very important light settings (it is 1000 years old and requires special lighting). Plus, we dropped a small fortune in the gift shop. :)

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Anne said...

Really like the smilebox!! At least you can show so much more than by uploading the pics one by one!! TOO COOL!!

Working Mommy said...

I am a huge fan of cathedrals...I could just go into each one and look at all of the architecture...LOVE it!


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