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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I can haz random?


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*I could spend all day on loldogs. What do you think that says about me?

*Should I be concerned that Indy walks around humming the British national anthem?

*I pulled out the Christmas decor this weekend and am slowly decorating the house. I fear I will never get rid of all the glitter that is on the floor, tables, rugs, the dogs and me.

*NaNoWriMo was a big fat FAIL. I'm not all that upset though. I wrote a lot, have a good base for a novel and learned a lot. Huzzah for laziness!

*I am FINALLY going to go see New Moon tonight! I.CANNOT.WAIT.

*I want an apple, but they're all the way in the kitchen. That's like 25 feet from me. {sigh}

*I have to get a cortisone shot in my foot on Thursday. I am so not looking forward to it. Stupid plantar fasciitis.

*My dad will be here in 10 days! We're going to do the Battle of the Bulge Memorial March, go to Riems, Paris, Bayeux and the Normandy Beaches. That's why I have to get the cortisone shot.

*I can never see Karl Rove (he's on the Today Show right now) without thinking of his "rap" at the Press Dinner a few years ago.

*I'm scared to death Mr. HH may have to go to Afghanistan.

*I'm sick to death of hearing about the Selahi's (the White House dinner crashers) and Tiger Woods. Who freaking cares?

*And finally, our random funny sign of the week. Good to know.


Yankee Girl said...

Finally. Someone else who doesn't care about Tiger and his marriage.

Awesome sign!

Yankee Girl said...

If you have a good base for a novel than NaNoWriMo was not a big FAIL!

Working Mommy said...

LOVE the randomness...and AMEN on not giving a hoo-ha about TW and his "wood" issues!!

Frau said...

My plantar fasciitis is much better since I started wearing my fitflop clogs as my house shoes. Sucks though cause you like pretty shoes but the pain is almost gone. Great job of attempting Nano like you said you wrote a ton not everyone can say that. Have fun with your dad. Hoping and praying HH doesn't go to Afghanistan.

Emily said...

You're just now going to see it! Try not to scream too loud when you see ticks other people off. (Yes, I learned that the hard way!) :)

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Yay for New'll love it! :) I am soooo sick of the coverage of the WH party crashers--this is exactly what they wanted.

satakieli said...

lol @ Indy. The British national anthem is so slow and miserable, I prefer Rule Britannia.

Captain Dumbass said...

Glitter is worse than sand.

JennyMac said...

Afghanistan would deeply concern me too. Positive thoughts Mr. HH will NOT be going.

Unknown Mami said...

That sign!!! They must have a line out the door.

I'm sick of the Tiger Woods thing too. Enough already.

Allison said...

Cortisone shots are not fun.

I am also worried that my hubby will go to Afganistan.

Amber Page Writes said...

your loldogs addiction says you are a person with good taste...says the woman who could also spend way too much time there.

Shandal said...

How did you like New Moon? Happy RTT!

Kristin said...

Almost spit out my coffee over that pic. So freaking funny! And I need more coffee. It's about three feet away from me. See, I'm WAY lazier than you. Ah ha

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