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Saturday, June 28, 2008


Last week after the big Nester blog-a-thon, I had planned a big insightful post on what imperfect things I loved in my life. Sadly, I got distracted by having to pay all those State taxes on Ulrika Von Nordland, and then that pretty, pretty purse, and forgot everything I had planned. Don't you hate when that happens? I do remember reading through every blog (yes, I did) and smiling at some of the things people found beautiful, not matter how imperfect the things were. It was interesting to take a peek into the lives of others. Reflective. Of course this led me to think about what I love that other people might not. I had lots and lots of stuff, but the main imperfect things I love (aside from my family-and boy are they imperfect; unlike me) are my dogs. I have two. They have been my faithful companions for years and years. Sometimes I can't believe they've been with us for so long, and other days it's hard to remember life before them.

Pepper was our first dog. She is a shih tzu/pug mix and everyone (especially my MOM) thinks she is ugly. She is far from ugly. She has a beautiful personality and that's all that matters. We got her when she was just about 6 weeks old. We decided to get a dog so I perused the Sunday ads and one popped out at me. I called and asked if I could come look at the puppies. There were 3 left, so I hopped in my car and took a drive. The Beatles brunch was on the radio and I grooved out, singing loudly. When I arrived at the owner's house, 3 sweet little balls of fluff were snuggled up nest to their mom looking at me with deep brown eyes full of the joy only a puppy can have. One puppy broke away, ran at me and grabbed the hem of my jeans. I knew she was the one. I picked her up and wrote a check for $50. It was the best $50 I have ever spent. When we got back into the car, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band was playing on the radio. I decided immediately to christen her Pepper. She turned out to be a dark gray with bits of white so the name was a perfect fit. She is now 12 years old and my sweet girl. She has big bulging eyes, is *slightly* overweight and has a deep underbite with crazy crooked teeth. I think she's beautiful.

Dutch joined our family almost 8 years ago. He is a gorgeous full blooded Pekingnese. I mean, really, he's pretty (when he's groomed). He's cream colored with a dark face and gorgeous brown eyes that could melt even the hardest of hearts. Sadly, he's also dumb as a box of rocks. Really, really dumb. He also has this little lip thing he does, where only one side comes up a little. We call it his Elvis look. We bought him as a companion for Pepper, but she didn't want anything to do with him. He was about 8 weeks old and had far more energy than Pepper had the patience for. She would jump up on the sofa to get away from him. That worked until he figured out how to jump too. They are now the best of friends. Mostly. Everyone who sees them comments of how sweet a face Dutch has. They rarely comment on Pepper. That's okay though, because I know they're BOTH beautiful, especially on the inside.

Who wouldn't love this face?

Isn't she imperfectly beautiful?

Dutch is not so pretty here because he hadn't been groomed in a while (bad Mommy), but trust me, he's pretty. Look, you can even see a hint of his Elvis look.


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