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Monday, June 16, 2008


Our lives are about to be in an upheaval again. We have decided that I'm quitting my job. I'm scared. I'll be honest, it's about the money. I make a lot. Six figures, a lot. When I first got the job I was embarrassed to tell people I made six figures (not that I flaunted it, but sometimes people ask), but then I realized that I had nothing to be embarrassed about. I should be proud! I am proud. I like making a lot of money. I like not having bills. I paid them all off! I like being about to buy stuff. I like having money in the bank. What I don't like is being apart from my husband. Because of his job (he was in Iraq) and then my job, which transferred me to another state, we haven't lived together in over 2 years. We've of course seen each other, but we haven't actually lived together. It wasn't too bad when we were only about 200 miles apart, but the Army has sent him off to the vast wasteland that is lower Arizona. There is now approximately 1500 miles between here and there and it's getting old. Real old. M and I discussed it and decided that I would quit my job and C, the dogs and I will pack up and head to AZ. When is all this happening, you might wonder? 15 days from now. In just 15 days I will be officially unemployed. If you consider a mom unemployed, that is. I personally don't. A couple of weeks ago the story got a new twist. M is only going to be in AZ until mid-Sept. That's right, C and I will only get to enjoy 100+ degree heat for 2.5 months. Are you curious about where we'll be going in Sept? So are we. As of today, we still don't know where we'll be living. We know where we'd like to go, but where we want to go and where the Army sends us are often miles apart. Stay tuned.


Kristy said...

Maybe they'll send you bak to tennessee!

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